Happy Winter Solstice
According to scholars like the Late Dr. Ivan Van Sertima -- the pyramids are estimated to be 10,000 years or older.

According to Vivian-Hunter Hindrew "all" ancient megaliths (eg. including the Pyramyds) were constructed by The Black African Amazon women of antiquity.

is this the same calendar used by the Jews and if so first this mean that the pyramids were created 2000 years or more before the earth? That is an amazing feat! Lol


Happy Winter Solstice
I know anything Jewish/Hebrew/Semite is nothing more than re-gurgitated Egyptian Wisdom

Is interesting but as its source is the Jewish calendar its actual source is Nubia/Khemet Egypt in any case, or are YOU unaware of the fact that the Torah/Old Testament’s 10 Commandments are identical to 10 of the 42 Admonitions of Maat from the Book of Coming Forth by Day aka The Book of the Dead which predates the Torah by thousands of years?

There has been speculation that Moses and the heretic African Pharaoh Akenathon [innovator of the concept of Mono-theism] are one and the same, which would explain why Akenathon was driven from power.

I’ve been to Ethiopia and I know that you’re going to struggle to find a calendar as superbly accurate [364 days is close/but still a mess] as the Khemetian that predates its 3500 BCE antiquity, do you concede that this [above] isn’t even close?

Why are you posting back to me the very FACTS that I posted to YOU above and why haven’t you verified the date and format of the Ethiopian calendar with a 365.25 day accuracy of the calendar from Nubia/Khemet/Egypt circa 3500 BCE?
Are you truly unaware of the FACT that Judaism always was and still is a Matriarchal as opposed to Patriarchal religion/culture?
With Akenathon and Moses probably being one and the same isn’t it very very obvious that as a Pharaoh he’d be taught the Mysteries by the leading Priets/Scholars?
I always remind people of the words of the late Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop (eg. The African Origin of Civilization) who states that Ancient KmT was a great civilization and as such the modern world owes all it knows to this profound people, yet if you wish to speculate about the origin of the world know that Ethiopia is the source and MOTHER of Egypt and has always called Egypt HER DAUGHTER.
According to who, wouldn’t siblings be more accurate as underlined by no archaeological sites in Ethiopia matching or being older than Karnak [the world’s oldest University/Temple complex] and how would YOU explain the smaller pyramid complexes of southern Sudan/Nubia which greatly predate the far larger and more famous pyramid complexes of Egypt?
Obviously, but why are you struggling so much with regard to providing specifics as opposed to generalities [have you heard of the Ishango bone and what do YOU KNOW about the 17 Olmec Heads unearthed to date in Mexico]?

Isn't ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
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