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Jul 26, 2001

Mysteries are by their nature mysterious and are seldom if ever described directly. It is also true that the only two detailed descriptions of Egyptian initiations available to contemporary scholars come from the Roman period. The first is contained in a description in the Latin novel The Golden ***, written by the north African author Apuleius. It is of the initiation of his hero Lucius to the goddess Isis that took place in Greece. In one of her supplementary notes to the paperback edition Lefkowitz agrees that there were Egyptian elements in Apuleius ritual. However, she continues: but there is a characteristic difference in timing: Lucius is initiated while alive; the Egyptian reciter of the scroll will be allowed to cross the threshold after death (NOA, p.248)…

It is clear that Ancient Egyptian initiation and funerary directions were very closely related and that therefore the sharp distinction Lefkowitz wants to make between the living initiate and the dead soul is meaningless

The mystery and initiations in the cult of Demeter (Isis) at Eleusis resembled those of Osiris at Abydos and other holy centers in Egypt. Furthermore, Egyptian scarabs and a symbol of Isis-Demeter was her Greek counterpart-were found in a tomb at Eleusis of the ninth or eighth century BC. Therefore, the cult of Demeter was imported to Eleuis from Egypt before the Trojan war…

Beyond the evidence from Apuleius and Horsiesis, there is the mysterious underground “Cenotaph of Seti the 1st (1309BC-1291BC) or Oserion. This structure contains complex passages inscribed with broken hieroglyphs and sections of The Book of the Dead (book of life), a strange underground island and a hall decorated with the text of a mysterious religious play. It is very plausible to suggest that this was used for initiations.

In addition to this, there are references going back to the seventeenth century BC to men who, though alive, were called “True of voice”, the title generally applied to the immortal dead. There is even one from a man who claimed to have taken part in a ritual described in the Book of the dead/Life…funerary instructions closely resembled initiations of the living”. (Black Athena writes Back by martin Bernal p, 386-388).

St. Paul was in part a composite figure of Hermes/Thoth (Acts 14:12). Hermes helps souls travel in the underworld. Hermes writes names in the Book of life and Paul knows besides God who’s in the Book of Life of people who are still living (Philippians 4:3). Hermes/Thoth was known as the Divine Tongue of God; the power of sound and the word from which St. James turns into a parody of a Boastful “Tongue of fire” (James 3:6). Initiates into the Egyptian mysteries were expected to ritual die and be born again. It appears that Paul wrote about this death/rising ceremony and criticized that a homosexual incident took place see Ephesians 5:8-14.

When Apuleius wrote about being initiated in the Isis and Osiris rituals he got the help of Isis of being transformed from a Donkey back into a Human by eating roses. “The rosary is an ancient symbol of the Goddess Venus-Isis, as roses represent female genitalia” (The Christ Conspiracy By D.M. Murdock p.287. David Icke reports The Romans knew the rose as the flower of Venus and it was the badge of her sacred prostitutes…the name rose may also come from Eros, the symbol for sexual love” (The Biggest secret p.151).

Part of the initiation was a concept of communion with the deity in the mysteries was a religious marriage. An intimate union of the soul with God by erotic-anthropomorphic or magical, wherby the worshippers participated in the god’s Mana ( The Mystery Religions By S. Angus p. 112-113). Jesus invites souls to take part in eating his body as Mana (Penis) in John chapter 6 is based on Osiris erect/resurrected penis as wheat or corn atop of his coffin.

A recruit must ritually be killed and be resurrected. Some of the Mysteries of the Egyptian Book of life, chapter 137, opens with these words of warning:

Beware greatly lest you do this before anyone except yourself, with your father or your son, because it is a great secret of the west, a secret of the Netherworld…

What is done is a secret of the Underworld belonging to the mysteries of the Underworld, a secret image in the God’s domain”

This sounds a lot like Paul who said:

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the lord. Live as children of Light for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth and find out what pleases the lord. Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. But everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for it is light that makes everything visible. This is why it is said:

Wake up, O sleeper

Rise from the dead

And Christ will shine on you”. ( I find it interesting that Horus is sodomized in his sleep).

(Also see “But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firsfruits of those who have fallen asleep 1Cor 15:20). These two Bible quotes will be important later when bringing up the letter of Jude which is an attack on Paul for having Love-feast said in conjunction with the foam of Venus.

When Apuleius was initiated into the rituals of Isis/Osiris he said:

“Everything was thus fully prepared; and now once more I abstained for ten days from eating flesh. Then, admitted with shaven head to the nocturnal orgies of the Lord of Gods, I resorted to the ceremonies with full confidence that knowledge of a kindred ritual evoked…for favored by the god Good-Luck”. In the Iliad Hermes is called “The bringer of good Luck”. Paul was a composite figure that included Hermes.


“There is some additional biblical evidence that Sodom originally signified the Underworld…being inhabited by the ‘shades of the dead” (101 Myths of the Bible By Gary Greenberg p127-128).

Eucharist of the Body of Osiris: Compares to the Roman Catholic Eucharist

The mysteries of Osiris at Denderah By E.A Wallis Budge

The walls of one of the two courts which form part of the Temple of Osiris at Denderah contain a long inscription describing the bas-reliefs which illustrate the mysteries and ceremonies that were performed annually in honor of Osiris in that city. The first section of the text deals with the making of sixteen models of the sixteen pieces (or 14) into which the body of Osiris was hacked and cut by Set (Satan). Each model was made of wheat [ the resurrection of Osiris is closely connected with the germination of wheat; the grain which is put into the ground is dead. When the seed rises its Osiris back resurrected life], is mixed with some specially prepared paste.

The Catholics eat a wafer in circular form symbolic of the Son/Sun

(see Osiris & the Egyptian resurrection Volume 2 p.21

The 16 or 14 parts of Osiris body that was cut up was reassembled by his wife Isis. Everything was recovered except the penis because it was eaten by a Nile fish. Isis made a substitute penis from an Obelisk which was symbolic of an erect/resurrected penis in the same manner that wheat was.

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