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May 16, 2002
I only read the first page of this thread, so I dont know if the answer to this question has been posted.

Destee, it's hard to peel because it's yet cooking in that shell while your attempting to peel it. You need to give what we cooks call a 'stop bath'. In simple terms, stop the cooking process. It's almost like cooking bacon. If you dont remove the bacon just before it's done, because it's yet cooking, it may burn while on the plate. So here's the best and most simple way to solve this.

After you've boiled them, poor out the hot water, then soak them in cold water for a couple of minutes, then they'll be easy to peel. If they're not, then you didn't soak them long enough. The egg should be warm or almost cold when you peel it. Also, buying fresh eggs will help with this. Dont keep eggs any longer than a week. But most people do anyway, because they dont notice any problems in their food. But I do. Keeping eggs too long can cause all sorts of problems while cooking. You should also make certain you're cooking that egg long enough.

Kitana explained how cold water solves the tinge problem (and she's right). It also solves the hard to peel problem, among other things.

Hope this helps!


Jan 22, 2001
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Thanks Kebah ... :) ... I still had trouble with the last eggs I had. Haven't bought any for awhile, call myself giving up dairy products ... easing into vegetarianism ... but i do love eggs so if i break down and buy some I'll be trying the methods provided in this thread. Lots of good info for sure. I didn't realize they were old in a week! Gosh ... I know I've kept and used eggs for much longer than that. What kind of problems do you notice by eating old eggs? I've probably had some of those problems but never knew to blame it on that old egg!

Thanks again.




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Feb 26, 2013
Do you crack the whole shell before you peel? That's what I do; after boiling, I pour the hot water out, run the eggs under cold water, pour that out(because the eggs will make it hot again), and run some cold water for them to sit in.

Crack the egg, and use that crack you made to crack around the entire shell before peeling; squeeze gently but firmly along the crack around the egg, then beginning peeling the egg while also taking hold of the thin layer of skin underneath. They should peel very easily, and feel super smooth, but dunk them in the water again to make sure no shell bits are left on it. :)

That's just for anyone who wants to know. lol

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Feb 7, 2004
MzBlackAnglel had the closest answer. All you do is boil your eggs in salt water. Peel your eggs under cold running will come off smooth and easy.

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