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Mar 17, 2002
boringham, alabama
i can relate

i'm feelin u bro Ralfa'il, esp on that part about the malls - isn't it disgusting?

i mean, i can hardly find a place 2 park my gas guzzling overpriced balloon tired, trend setting mag wheeled SUV 4 goodness sake!

but seriously, i've been out, & pass a shopping center & wondered the exact same thing: where is all that "disposable cash" coming from?

i agree w monetary about the overuse/abuse of cc's. i would also say, i think the whole culture of consumption is paramount n the thinking of this society: acquisition is king!

whateva u presently hv, it's insufficient, outdated, prosaic, basically worthless, & undoubtedly the cause of all ur problems n life. u can only achieve tru happiness by conspicuous consumption . stop fighting it, we both kno u'll feel better while ur shopping, & after all, gratification is everything, right?

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