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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

In a world dominated by evil, a world of Physical Beings and inanimate objects, there in the Physical Beings dwell two Realities, One Physical and the other Ethereal Esoteric, one guided by the Senses of the Being and the other by the Mind Thought, and between the two, there is conflict, if one is allowed to dominate the other, the Two must compliment the other, because if not, the result is conflict, which produce confusion in Life effort to Live.

So what is Spirituality, other than a display of Life Living Attitude and Behavior, a display of the Being Mind action, so in a world of Physical Beings, there is displayed through Life Living, action that is displayed by expression, two different action of the Life Living of the same Body, one that is unacceptable and the other that is Acceptable, more commonly referred to as Evil And Good, in a world dominated by Religious Belief, established by the Institution Of Religion, Constructed by man referring to Self, as being Human, and do describe Humans being born Evil, with a desire to Deceive, which is the foundation upon which the Religious Institution stand today, as well as from the Time of its inception.

Religion is an institution founded upon a Doctrine reflecting the Human Being Mind intent, which was and is to Lie and to Deceive the World, doing so for purpose to Rule, Control, and Dominate the world, and today, that is the position and Power Religion has over the world today and such a position and power display a Spirit of Dominance and Evil, an expression of Lies and Deception, with an act to inflict Harm to the Being Life, and to Misguide that Life Way Of Living, Displaying a Spirituality Of The Trinity Of Evil, Vain Ego, Envy, Jealousy, with the three motivated by Malice, such are the attributes of Religious Spirituality, which is no more than a display of expression of Attitudinal Behavior of the Life of the Living Being.

Religion is constructed upon a set of principles of established Beliefs, a Doctrine conceived and is an established system based on Faith, Hope, and Deceiving Love, ( Charity ) a method Religion use to attract Minds that no longer want to Think, because Belief is much easier, causing you to depend on others to do your Thinking for you, as the believers in such a craft as Religion, assume the Spirit of those that conceived and constructed the Doctrine and Institution of Religion, Founded by a Spirit whose intent was and is to Lie to and Deceive the World about God, Universe, And Self, such is the display of Religious Spirituality.

Now, Divine Spirituality is not a concept, it is not instituted, nor is it influenced by a doctrine conceived by Man Human qualities, which is to Lie and Deceive.

Divine Spirituality is a way of Life Living, guided by the Being Mind Thoughts, organized to be in Harmony, Order, And Balance with Nature Universe, established not on a set of principles of Do and Don't, but is guided by the Mind action with a Desire to Know that which is Divinely Real and True, and such Knowledge is Revealed in an Esoteric Dimension, where Space and Time Emerge as One and Such Esoteric Dimension extend into Infinity, Eternally, and there, Divine Knowledge has no Beginning or Ending and it is that Knowledge that come from Divine Thinking that project, display, and express the Life Living Divine Spirituality, an Attitudinal Behavior that is in Harmony with the Spirituality of Nature Universe, the Divine Attribute of ITS Divine Essence, of which, is referred to as GOD Of All That Is And Is Not, be it on the Physical and / or Esoteric Ethereal Dimension.

Divine Spirituality verify your ability to See on all Dimensions, the Physical and the Nonphysical, having not to prove your Life Living to anyone but unto yourself, and that is why it is Divine to Know Thyself, and not allow someone else to tell you about yourself, because such is for you to know and understand, before you can become qualified to Know What GOD IS, The Meaning And Purpose Of The Universe, And the Divine Reality Of Self, which such Knowledge will reflect your Divine Spirituality.

All Religions are of the Devil Making, and is designed to Lie to you and to Deceive you about yourself, because not to know Thyself, prevent you from Knowing What God Is, and not to Know The Divine Essence of All Things, make you to be a Religious Follower or a fool that claim that there is no Divine Essence, ( GOD ) or both, being of those that created that Religious Doctrine that now hold your Mind in Captivity, with an insatiable urge to Defend the Doctrine Of Religious Lies And Deceit, or to defy the Supreme Intelligent Diety, holding on to a Religious Doctrine that promise you a victory over Death and Eternal Life, the Duality Of Evil belief, yet they being the Corner Stone of Religious Spirituality, which has no Kin to Divine Spirituality, the Two being just opposite to each action of Life way of Living.

Ne Kind To Your Self

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism / Reparation ? Repatriation

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