Black Jokes Humor : The Difference Between Bougie, Boujee, and Bourgie/Bourgeois, Explained


Really? You’re going to devote an entire explainer to a pedantic semantic distinction only like 27 people care about?

Yes. I am going to do exactly that.


Because it’s fun! Like, you know how you might see a flyer advertising a concert Jaheim is holding in a Arby’s parking lot next weekend — the first stop on his national tour comprised of concerts in Arby’s parking lots? And you’ll think to yourself “Why the hell is Jaheim 1) touring and 2) having concerts in Arby’s parking lots?” But then you find yourself bored on that weekend, and you decide to hit up that Jaheim concert in the Arby’s parking lot, and you have a great time, and you leave thinking “Wow. I’m glad I attended that Jaheim concert in that Arby’s parking lot!

Well, this is the equivalent of that.

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