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Sep 20, 2020
Before I submit a recent lecture given by Muhammad Eury, who stays at the Days Inn Motel, located at: 12019 Lake Avenue in Lakewood, Ohio, which is the town next to Cleveland. It must first be made know that illegal surveillance, spies, lying informants, and more has accelerated to a point where some of the tactics have went deep stealth. But Muhammad still knows whats going on regardless of how stealth they go. Like I said before, black people in Cuyahoga County simply despise and hate each other. There are many of them openly wishing to be caucasian. The blacks in West Cleveland and on the westside of Cleveland are some of the most ignorant, misguided, and evil people towards their own race of all Cleveland. Caucasians don't fully trust them because of how easy it is for them to betray other blacks. So they will never fit in anywhere. There was an incident at the Days Inn motel, and to a neighbor who lives in an apartment close to the motel, who stated that her sister was visiting someone at the Days Inn and they overheard something between the front desk female employee and the black male security guard. The next thing she knew, in about 5 seconds after being contacted, police rolled up at the motel as if something very serious went down. She said the incident occurred about 9:30 pm on September 29, 2020. When the black male security guard goes around knocking at doors around 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm, some people have went to sleep because they may be on medication or may have other conditions. If that person don't answer their door, then something bad is going to happen to them. She said people get kicked out of that motel for some of the strangest reasons and when she looked into the eyes of the employees, she said she saw no reasoning or compassion. She said after reading their eyes it was clear that they would do or say anything. So she left once police showed up at the motel. Usually, according to sources, its Curtis Grover and his sidekick who causes trouble for guests displaced by Covid-19. They think they can trust some of the guest they conspire with against other guests, but those guests talk. Anything that goes on at that motel is known by someone. And that someone always tells someone else.

After knowing the truth about B;ack Lives Matter I cannot condemn cops like I once did. But there are still evil and racist cops out there who enjoy bashing the heads of people of color or just outright killing them. They may be the partner to a decent cop who better hold his tongue because certain cops are being set up and assassinated who betray the thug or gangster cops. The Days Inn is a nasty place and instead of getting professional work done on the motel the owner gets patch work done. And it is poor because a hispanic friend shopwed some photos of what it look like in certain rooms. They need the City of Cleveland to go through and see the still water sitting in tubs and sinks. Some people staying at the motel are displaced from Covid-19 and know that they will be kicked out into the cold should they reveal whats going on. Others say that some of the employees know people from the streets and have them check into the motel just to spy on certain guests or hack or wifi jam those using the internet. They act as secret agents policing other guests for their employee friends. Camera surveillance has caught them in secret with employees and street cameras have caught them communicating outside the motel, prior to the culprits checking into the motel. Anyway, Muhammad is one that seems to keep metamorphisizing while others remain stagnant or regress to that of a homo erectus. It was a small lecture Muhammad gave a few days ago and I am sharing it with you all. I truly hope the information helps you in some way. And so it begins...

(Muhammad) Greetings to all. At this space/time continuum there is alot at play which shall not only affect each and every mortal on earth. It will alsoaffect the very planetary sphere we all share. As we have stated on several occasions, there is a Galictical Confederation of Planets which overseer each planet within their many systems. In the universe we have whats called the Galactical Confederation of Planets where beings from higher worlds will come together or convene in many places throughout the galaxy for peace in the universe. The Draconians, who were linked with those that destroyed the Planet Mars, control humans on earth in 2020. They speak words of peace but their hearts devise events much more sinister than most humans can concieve. In each and every institution, their characteristics and ways have been adopted by those running the institutions whether in supervisory positions or just workers. This trickles down to restaurants, motels, hotels, job sites, apartment complexes, and more. The Draconians have distorted what is good and substituted it for that which is bad or evil. They have also took away what was once natural and have substituted it for that which is synthetic. The minds of many people have been conditioned to accept this evil as being something good and countless lives have been tooken as a result of this. There is a reason why all of this is taking place and it has to do with Sumerian deities. A New World Order, which was responsible for the destruction of the once thriving Planet Mars, is about to be implemented against the human population on earth. At this present space/time contuum, many different countries which drink from the blood the United States produces, are locking down their entire countries using police and military force. The technology being used against humans was revealed by so-called conspiracy theorists years ago. Now those so-called conspiracies have proven to be fact. But look at how many died, were imprisoned, were victimized in some way, and this list goes on, before people started to get the idea. Your numbers have crumbled and the Draconians and their Luciferian counterparts have calculated everything and every event.

Beings have asked why is so many ateroids and meteorites so close to earth. It is because judgement is about to be passed against the inhabitants of earth. As we stated earlier, the Galactical Confederation is also responsible for passing judgement on planets. From this fact comes Judgement Day, even found within your Bibles and Qurans (Korans). The Book of Revelation speaks of the end of a species rule over the planet. The Galactical Confederation passes judgements on planets to see if knowledge and consciousness have been raised. Your so-called leaders know this and even tried implementing this but for all the wrong reasons. They turned what was good to be considered bad, and whats bad to now be considered good or desirable. That which is bad was a New World Order carried out on the Planet Mars before its destruction. Now they plan on destroying earth using technology as well. Many of those same beings were quarantined by the Galactical Confederation. The quarantine was about renegades being sent to earth to incarnate as humans, and is a prison for those beings. This is why they crave wealth and power. This is their heaven. However, many of these beings had done very evil and wicked things in other places and earth is like a prison for them. At the Millenium, the quarantine was lifted and many of these demonic forces are being removed from earth. Thus, the Pleidians have already had their 144,000 removed. Those left here on earth presently trying to stay in power are the Children of the Pleiadians. The Galactical Confederation is closely monitoring to see if there are beings on earth qualified to rule over earth. Humans need to pay very lose attention to this! Many earthlings don't know or don't want to know that there are myriad different species on earth presently. Through religion, Illuminati controlled schools, and the local, national, and celebrity news media manipulations, people have been successfully programmed in thinking that they are the only life that exists on earth. Many beings ruling today suffer from sucidal tendencies, and before they give up rule they are willing to kill themselves, all humans, and even destroy the entire planet. The Galactical Confederation are the higher beings who police over 300 different Star Systems in this Galaxy alone. The Galactical Confederation is responsible for seeding life on planets and is responsible for destroying planets. Earth is presently headed on a path of destruction, and even NASA and the media are revealing upcoming meteorites headed for earth. They term it Apophis. Apophis is considered an asteroid and is also the name of an Egiptian Demon symbolized by the snake. Apophis was also the enemy of the Egiptian Deity many call Ra, or the Sun. The sun sustains all life on earth, literally speaking and metaphorically speaking, and from time to time Apophis would launch attacks. if Apophis attacks earth, it will be in the form of a fireball. Meteorites are either metallic or made of stone.

And when they enter the earth's atmosphere, the friction from the metallic balls cause these meteorites to become flames of fire. The Book of Revelation even speaks of fire coming from the heavens which will consume the earth. If that happens many things will literally burn up. Even though the evil and wicked Arabs try and keep it away from the people, the Kaaba, the cubed shaped struction in Mecca which nearly all muslims prays to and towards, has an even smaller box like structure buried within it. That box like structure holds inside, a meteorite. This meteorite was held in hopes earthlings would remember what took place in places where pure evil reigned. However, the amount of carbon released from the impact of a massive asteroid or meteorite would blot out the sun, and all life will eventually die. Even those who manage to hide themselves will eventually die from starvation. This will send the earth into an Ice Age. This is what happened to the finosaurs. You can believe in any god they have indoctrinated you to believe in and that god or those gods won't save you from this destruction. Your prayers are not going to stop some massive object heading for earth, traveling at speeds over 3,000 miles per an hour. 68 million years ago dinosaurs were destroyed in this same way. There have been facts uncovered by scientists confirming this. The large craters in the earth in those regions is a reminder. Humans all across the planet, should be back religions to those demons who created it to enslave you. Your heaven and hell concepts hold an even higher dramatic end for those for those of you whose minds and consciousness remains constricted by those demonic controllers. Women must remember that as you are gods over men, you are not yet ready to accept the throne. Many of you have been poisoned by the Children of Pleidians to accept wealth and power over true love and complete unity. Material wealth should have no place in your minds as it will surely come should you balance yoursleves. Many of your vibrations still give off inharmonius frequencies showing instability in many ways. There are many very powerful women on earth who could have stopped alot of whats going on now. And because you refused to step up and be the Mother Nurturer, countless humans will die in vain and from starvation. Countless humans will perish in 2020, and because many of you have tooken blood oaths, and have performed rituals in order to be accepted in the world of the Children of the Pleiadians, you are bound by your desires. They will eliminate you, should you betray them, and this you know.

Humans must understand that this planet is controlled by extraterretrials. And many of you have no idea how deep their influence is within your everyday lives. They have many agents and Arabs are dedicated agents for the Nephilim. They use their religion, Islam, to enslave because it rewards them fianancially. And many of those financial powerhouses over huge mosques and businesses, during the month of Ramadan, they secretly eat, smoke cigarettes, curse or use profanity, plot, slander, display racism, and more. The blacks and caucasians working under them overlooks this because the money they are being paid is good. The gods of the Arabs have been at war for thousands of years. From Anunnaki to Enqi and Enlil, these beings are the same good and evil beings of the Torah. They were overseen by the Anakim or Eloheem or Alihat. Both sides seek to rule earth and all of its resources, including livestock, who they see as animals and humans. Many other extraterrestrials have also come and joined the conflict, which is why people are seeing more and more so-called UFO's. Most humans are under a spell of hypnotic sleep. These humans are worshipping their slave masters. There are so many extraterrestrials that humans don't know who to worship. These humans live by faith, hope, and wishes, which the news media and television commercials teach them daily. They believe in God or Gods unseen. In Christianity if you don't live a certain way you cannot partake of earthly success. The same goes with both Islam and Judaism. In truth, those Sumerian demons overseeing all earthly religions is fighting to break all religions down to one. This is one reasom why in their New World Order the religion shall be a One World Religion. The Catholics are the first to fall. And many others shall fall as well. Some say this One World Religion is about sun worship. But is really about the worship and sacrifice to Sumerian Deities. As we've stated in a previous thread, COVID-19, involves conspiracies that outweigh many previous conspiracies. COVID-19, is linked to dogs and there is still alot of people embracing them as relatives or children. The news media has been perpetrating lies about this COVID-19, and the deaths attributed to it. They claim that most people who died from the virus were blacks and latinos. In truth, those blacks and latinos perished due to having other pre-existing diseases or illnesses. The lack of doctors, the lack of medical care, high blood pressure, sugar diabetes, and all the things they shouldn't be eating or drinking were tied in with the virus that led to their demise. The cure lies in the plasma!

The blood plasma and the hemoglobin is what the devils are after, which is one reason they are requesting blood from people, especially during this COVID-19 fiasco. They temporari;y move back and forth the virus to donating blood. They want the plasma in the blood with the hemoglobin. The plasma is the clotting factor and every 300 years they have to mix with others or they will die. During the slave trade there were beings who needed the blood of black abd brown people due to being hemophiliacs. In the 1600's they couldn't use the blood of Africans because their genes were too dominant for recessive genes. Thus, they traveled around the continent of Africa in search of Nubians, or those with mixed blood lines, or the new being. in Morocco, that was spanish and french mixed which led to small pox. And due to this mixture there were many different other genes created which ended up wiping out many indigneous people. Such diseases which sprung forth were tifis, measles, influenze, bubonic plague (so-called Black Death), cholera, malaria, mumps, yellow fever, tuberculosis, and a unusual type of syphilis, to name a few. They can use ions in the air to give people cancer in any part of the body they seek. They can also use it to affect the hemoglobin in the body the same way. Our next point will be of the greatest importance for all humans. As you know, when certain species kill other animals before eating them, they like to create the element of fear which gives the flesh a very desired taste for them. Every 300 years they must mix in or the entire species will die. Africa was the only gray place where the coronavirus didn't flourish. Then they changed it after people wanted to know why Africa wasn't being affected by COVID 19. They lied and said it was because of the malaria medicine! They know that we know the truth and they cannot trick or fool us! The only ones being fooled are those who refuse to do research for themselves and rely heavily on the local and national news medias, with their analysts and strategists, supported by demonic scientists and gene manipulators. Right now they are going to wipe out most of the population with 5G. They are lying to all humans and is putting up towers whether humans agree to it or not. This 5G will cause many to die as they walk down a sidewalk. Many will simply expire.

But before we get into the science of 5G and a few effects it has on the human body, it must also be known that the month of October will be the beginning of a terrifying end for many. Every living being will experience hell, and it will be as terrifying as your religious hell stories. Pope Francis, a chief demonic entity, is pleading with the United Nations to use massive force to disarm humans across the globe! The New World Order is Communism across the globe. Most Americans don't know what a Communist is until they are imprisoned in their homes with their face masks on, while being told to seperate from other humans. Several viruses was unleashed in order to kill enough people, and with proper instruction, everyone else will be told what they need to do to allegedly protect themselves. America is the Communist Center of the world right now. Humans across the globe are now experiencing what it was like in Soviet Russia prior to old Russia. The word "Soviet" means a small group of people not elected to run government. There are now Soviets running America and small pockets of Soviets telling Americans what they can and cannot do. Their useful idiots are those calling police on people not wearing face masks or social distancing. These humans are the ones feuling the destruction of America as you now know it. Each and every police department across the U.S. is going along with the Communist takeover of America. Negroes are being mentally manipulated in a very different way. There are black Communist groups and organizations like the NAACP and Black Lives Matter who are for the protests all across America, pretending to be interested in how Negroids are suffering. Most of the so-called black organizations have been working with the evil ones since before the slave trade. They worship under the Yoruba religion invoking the Orisha, who are equivalent to Sumerian demons. Yoruba demons are the same as Sumerian demons who sacrificed little children and ate them. They feasted on human flesh, and in 2020, parts of the body not consumed is burned or cremated, and the ashes, after global satanic spells and rituals are implemented, is mixed with vegetables and meats. The remains is mixed in chicken feed, pig slop, and cattle feed, et cetera. And while Americans are under this spell they are being conditioned like training a dog to comply for whats demanded of them. In the New World Order pedophilia will no longer be a crime. Human sacrifice will no longer be a crime. Many of you can see laws changing in states all across the U.S. right now which is supporting these demonic practices.

You are not Americans because there have been a system reset. You are now considered Soviet Marxist Leninists Communists. When you fill out forms or job application don't be misled because of what they say. They don't ask if you are an American. They ask if you are a U.S. citizen. Here in Soviet America there are a small group of people running everything, no matter where you go in America. You are now living under a Communist Marxist system, which is why it isn't hard to see why Black Lives Matter claimed to be Marxists. All American Governors and Mayors have been bought and paid for. They are betraying the people while at the same time claiming to sympathize with their present demise. The Draconians, and many others, must first rule over you having total control of your every thought, word, and deed. Afterwards they plan on killing out the human population. It all ends with 5G In less than 4 months they plan on creating a skynet and global dragnet sort of frequency system that will engulf all of earth. This is when many will begin to die by the millions. Prior to this, by Decenber of 2020 there will be over 100 million vaccines. By January 2021 there will be over 200 million vaccines. These vaccines are detrimental to humans and many of them have bio-chips which are highly receptive to the 5G. The military will rollout these vaccines and we are not talking National Guard. These will be active duty military soldiers from other countries who have declared death to Americans for many years. Others were sons and daughters of those Americans killed in the pointless wars of the past. And yet a certain group of Americans keep giving honor to all those soldiers who fought either in World War 2, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Gulf War, the Iraqi war, et cetera. You praise American soldiers who killed families and now those families will decide the fate of Americans. You don't have to trust these facts. You will hear the accent of those soldiers when the time comes. However, before humans final fate 5G will be connected all across the globe. The 5 millimeter 60 megahertz frequencies are already having a destructive impact on humans and the earth itself. What this radio electromagnetic frequency does, even according to biologists in 2020, is change humans metabolics. These changes have an affect on the immune system and the cell membrane integrity.

The voltage gated calcium channels is so critical for the ability of the cell membrane to regulate an efflux and influx of calcium in a cell. When this voltage gated calcium influx gets disrupted, it allows for calcium to come into the cells and cause a suppress on the apoptosis which is the comcomitant with the use the propogation of cancer. Its consistent with the oncogenic process. What happens when you create this type of disruption is just one aspect. These aspects as they come into play, are not calculated as 1+1=2. It calculates as 1+1+1-33. This 33 coincides with the chromosomes in each human. For an example, to create a child, 33 1/3 chromosomes from the mother is coalesced with the offspring, and 33 1/3 chromosomes from the father is coalesced with the offspring. But in the case of these destructive frequencies, its asynergist to a magnitude greater destructive nature. There is other aspects to this order which causes lymphocyte subpopulation suppression. It also separates iron from the hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the oxygen carrying capacity to the blood. It causes a disruption so the blood cannot carry the same amount of oxygen. This goes on and on. This radio frequency electromagnetic field to be globally launched for 2021 will soon engulf the entire planet. Its a global microwave technology given to international militaries by extraterrestrials. Its throwing off the entire magnetic grid of the planet's essence. Thus, the pulse of the earth is being disrupted and will cause greater abnormalties to the weather patterns, destruction to the morphological structure, and the configuration of the planet. There will be massive landslides and earthquakes so massive that the richter scale will not be able to logarithmic the scale. Will estimate from 500 to 2,000 mph. Waters will rise to 100 to 300 feet and more. And while this all takes place humans will see more and more information about this disappear off the internet. 5G combined with bio-chips will take you all to a place hell couldn't compare to.

These beings presently ruling over humans have always been destructive and evil beings which is why the Galactical Confederation have watched them closely. We will not get into it now but there is a death to intelligent energy which has been deemed useless. This energy is then pulled through what some may call a black hole, ending that energy. But there are demons on earth who have tried figuring was their life once sucked through black holes. Beware of these demons. They only trick you in order to distract you. If humans do not stop the global takeover, the Galactical Confederation will intervene and those heavens and hells your religions cooked up for you are not what they seem. Wouldn't it be feasible to seek counsel amongst the wise or face extinction? We will transmit further after charging our physical sheath. We leave you in peace and may the Force be with You.

After thought: This was the short lecture recently given by Muhammad. Like I said before, there are many many demons attacking anyone who try and save not only earth but the human race. The Planet Mars was once like earth as Muhammad said. But it was destroyed. There have been artifacts tooken from Mars which had information of a New World Order on Mars just before war destroyed all life on the surface. I just hope Muhammad doesn't undergo too many more hardships at the Days Inn because he has really been enducating.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020
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