Black Education / Schools : The "Day of Reckoning" for Colleges and Universities _ video


Jul 2, 2003


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Jun 14, 2018
What and whom is education to serve? As it is put in the frame of what that short Anderson Cooper commentary serves then I personally can't wait for it's demise.



Jul 2, 2003

Thank You for sharing Toni Morrison Video.
She spoke eloquently about the topic of education and how it centered itself just the Great Depression in the Thirties.

They won't be demised or out of business.

They are just pushing now for the lower rung of students to build themselves back up. They will survive by endowments.


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Jun 14, 2018
Feels more like the end game to me Hodee.
They've already mined bout as much loot as they can all the way down to grade school level and in some cases pre-school. There ain't gonna be any monies for endowments cause everyone is gonna be paying off the loans it took for their supposed 'education'.
The concept of any kind of public school system today is a joke. It's long since been privatized some forty fl'n years ago. Hell I remember in the 80's when school departments were forced to rent space to private venders peddling soda machines (that was believe it or not a goodly part of the Coke vs. Pepsi wars) just to make up lack of funds for the arts and/or athletic programs. Now they just drop completely or severely cut the arts and humanities in favor of STEM as if that was all there is to life, Stem.
The politics of the school system today is to graduate GOOD CORPORATE CITIZENS. Nothing else. And they eating their own to accomplish it. And it's a well established pattern through out history as a precursor to the fall of empire, the hallowing itself from the inside out at all levels as the sources for extraction of wealth from the outside of country become scarcer.
They eating their own now.

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