Black People : The Daniel Prude Incident - The Psychological War Continues


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Sep 6, 2010
Sacramento, California
The Police Did NOTHING Wrong In The Daniel Prude Case!

- 2:54 – “Black Man Died of Suffocation After Officers Put Hood on Him.” Notice how they said “black man,” not “man”; and “hood,” not “spit guard”.

- 3:09 – “That’s not really a thing that’s abnormal.” Exactly. And I was thinking the same thing when they tried this same trick a while ago saying the police put a bag over a black boy’s head.

- 8:52 - 9:04 – That’s exactly what goes on.

“Prude, who was 41, died in March seven days after officers encountered him running naked through the street, handcuffed him, then tried to stop him from spitting by putting a mesh bag called a spit hood, or a spit sock, over his head. One of the officers then held his face to the pavement while another put a knee into his back until Prude stopped speaking or moving. Waiting medics started CPR when the officers realized Prude wasn't breathing.”
Source: Officers involved in suffocation death of Daniel Prude followed training "step by step," union head says

“In late March, the call came in over the police radio in Rochester: A naked man was running outside, under the influence of PCP and shouting that he had the coronavirus. Police officers arrived and handcuffed the man, Daniel Prude, 41. After he began spitting, officers covered his head with a mesh hood. When he tried to rise, officers held him face down on the ground, one of them pushing his head to the pavement. The police held Mr. Prude down for two minutes, and he had to be resuscitated. Seven days later, he died.”
Source: What to Know About Daniel Prude’s Death

1. The incident happened in March.
2. He died seven days after the incident.
3. He died in the hospital.

And then there's the info on the bag…. Now, how does that match with what the media just presented about a week ago? FYI: You've been played on nearly every single case dating back to the Trayvon Martin incident, and including the Trayvon Martin incident.

These people high on these hardcore drugs are dying while being detained. And most of them create the circumstances that require them to be detained.

Tony Timpa (WHITE) – Murdered by Police in Manner Similar to George Floyd



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Sep 6, 2010
Sacramento, California
Another example of the ongoing psychological war.

Video shows 2 white Georgia deputies beating Black man

Wow, take a look at how they whipped this one up (the editing and splicing together of video, audio, narration, and text). And look at the title too. You should be able to clearly see that this is a psychological attack. So, can you see the war now?

And still, they refuse to show the same situations that are caught on camera involving non-blacks. Only the black ones are selected. The result, from the average black person:
“Look at what the police are doing to us.” “The police are killing us off.” “Why is it only us?”
> logical conclusion (with influence from controlled sources of information) >>> “We gotta fight the police back.” “I hate the police.” “Yes, we should defund the police.”

And the manipulation persuades them to take to the streets, and once they do so the powers that be send in the Soros-controlled BLM and other paid protesters to call for police reform and destroy/abolish property (for the Socialist/Communist New World Order).

They already had goals; they just needed a way to accomplish them. That’s where black people came in at.

Leaked Memo Reveals Soros Plan for Federally Controlled Police

Lol. Check out the Thumbs Up vs. Thumbs Down and the comments section of the Youtube video (the news story video). People are waking up.

But how many black people are still asleep? The Facebook filtration system, people operating black profiles on online, and the black sellout sources of information will make sure they remain asleep.

And now I wouldn’t be surprised if the media went back to showing fake stories of racism back-to-back.
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