Black People : The class of 2018?


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Oct 7, 2002
The class of 2018

Right know we set and talk about the blight of our people the many circumstances that we find our selves in and what will become of our people after many of us are long gone. As we all are aware that we are in a new millennium and that the year 2000 suppose to have marked a new beginning. It has been over 300 hundred years since the approval of our people being used as slaves (involuntary servants) as we look back many of use are well aware of the atrocities that have been committed against our people and many of us are well aware that it still influence us today.
Now we have an opportunity to really look at this from a different angle. There were over 3,000,000 black children born in the year 2000 many are now in the first grade, in only 12 years they will be considered legal adults. Now the question is what will become of the class of 2018? Are we really trying to prepare for their future? Are we doing all that is required to make their lives better by providing them with all the tools and resources that it is required for them to become productive adults and useful not only to themselves but the communities in which they live.
I am not down playing the children who was born before or after 2000 this can relate to all elementary school age black children (for all our children are important). We who are adults right now should insist on setting solid standards that can provide these children with all the tools and resources that they need. We do not know if there will be a year 2018 considering all of the mess that is going on in the world. But if there is going to be a year 2018 are we doing what is required to raise a strong solid future for these kids? Or are we going to continue to allow negativity to penetrate our lives and allow them to debate the same ills and issues that are affecting us today?
In reality we know that all cannot be saved, simply because we have no control over the future. But what we do have at our disposable the will, tools and resources to help our future, do better, feel better and be better, not necessarily from a financial stand point, although this is important but to help them establish a solid foundation on all levels. Look we can continue to debate and point fingers and do all the things that we have done in the past, in all reality are either out dated our do not work at all.
It is time to really take a deep look at this, for many of us may not be here 12 years form now. Today right now is a good time to find a doable and workable and agreeable plan to really help our children build a peaceful, powerful, and purposeful future for themselves as well as the family and communities. I hope that this go out with great force thought and purpose to those who feel the same. We all have a role to play in the future of our people. It is time to do the work that is required for this to happen. As a famous brother once said.
“There can't be black, white unity until there’s black unity”. MALCOLM X
It is time to get started. If not now when?


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Oct 7, 2002
Here are some suggestions that hopefully we can or will implement in accomplishing helping to make sure that our future have a chance to be the best that they can be despite racism and other factors that plague us as a people.

1) Make sure that your children get enough sleep and monitor TV. programs for this in my opinion can poison the mind.
2) Have a set time every day for home work and studying do not deviate from this.
3) Get to know all of your child’s teachers and find out what is their passion are they just there to collect a pay check our are they really interested in educating children
4) Make sure that your child do all the assignments that are given, if you don’t understand the assignment then ask the teacher yourself, this is all in the learning process. It does ok if you don’t understand an assignment remember it is in your child’s best interest to get it, it also feels pretty good when you get it to. So if it comes up again then you will be in a better position to help.
5) Participate in as many school activities as possible according to your schedule and interest at least participate once a month in a program, remember this is a community effort in making sure that all our children have a chance.
6) As your child becomes older find out what his or her strengths are remember every one well not get the highest status occupations but. They will be able to participate in society in their natural talents and contribute to their families and communities in which they live.
7) Help them find their place that fit who they are surround them with books articles etc.. Many libraries as well as on the web have testes that can help a person figure out what they are more likely get Into the field that they that may fit their interest. This way it will give them the opportunity to see for themselves what it takes to become successful in their chosen field.
8) Encourage them to do the best that they can don’t belittle our degrade them if they are weak in a subject there can be different factors in why they are not getting it. We all learn differently, find out how your child learns. They may learn by listening, they may also learn by demonstration, and then you have others who learn hands on.
9) Don’t be intimidated by the establishment it is tax dollars that pay most teachers salaries, Demand accountability from the top on down.
10) If they have a guidance counselor find out what they suggest as far as another step for your child, work with them to make sure that they are meeting all the requirements for the school as well as being properly prepared for the work force whether it is a trade school, community college a university our be on. They are part of the process too.
11) If you really are not happy with the school administration then by all means write your states educational department utilize all the resources that you can to create a better environment.
12) Show up unannounced every once in a while just to show your face. You will be surprised how much of a difference that this makes in your children behavior as well as their grades they will know that you care.
13) And for those who do not have children our who children are not of school age then you nay still participate in school functions by volunteering call your local school district and see what you can do.

There are many other ways that we can make sure that our children get the best chance to be the best that they can be on all levels. In reality we also have to be realistic in their abilities and talents. We all have different talents and skills we have to help bring out what every the talents or skills are in each one of our kids, and stop thinking that one occupation or career choice is not as important as another. Remember in order for our people to get to the next level we can not allow the dominate negativity of another people continue to affect the positive ness of uplifting and encouraging our future.

These are just one-person opinion I hope others can and will build form here then maybe we can spread it around and make some positive strides.


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Feb 28, 2009
Well, when you posted this thread, the children born in 2000 were starting 1st Grade....They are now nine years old.

So, I wonder how the parents of the "Class of 2018" are faring so far.

These were some wonderful suggestions you made. No, they're not cookie-cutter solutions for everyone; but I do think they can be applied in whole or part.

I have one addition:

14. Encourage your children to read and read to them and with them. Find age-appropriate books for them which are Black-centered. I children need to read stories which have characters in them who look like them and deal with issues they can relate to.

Here are a few Black Book sites:

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