Black People : The Canary Effect:"The grim legacy of America's treatment of its native peoples"

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Black and Latino custodial workers @ the Capitol Bldg said it was degrading to clean up the debris left by white supremacist who violently stormed the Capitol Bldg. They even had to clean up smeared feces. One staffer said they were used to cleaning up after white supremacist (referring to racist Congressional members). Those who were there that day feared for their life b/c they weren't given any protection.
Mother Jones posted a list of "law makers" nationwide who promoted/assisted in the insurrection on our government. ALL should be ousted, stripped of pensions, charged with sedition and felony murder.
If black folks are present at a crime, whether they participated or not, they're charged with as many violations as white folks can conjure up. Felony murder is top of their list. Why not for white domestic terrorist?
25,000 National Guardsmen are set up to protect for Biden/Harris inauguration! Authorities are AGAIN saying that white domestic terrorist are the largest threat in American and to the democratic process.
NOT Black Lives Matter protestors, NOT even foreign terrorist, but American grown white men who are angry about all the white privilege they have.
Twitter is now locking accounts for unusual activity when there is no unusual activity. Apparently if you post to much to soon, it triggers their spider hairs. Never mind that it's (or was) a platform to post information and opinions, now it's just a flat bed from the ghost-of-trump-past. Jack Dorsey/Twitter should be charged with giving trump the media to incite a resurrection against the United States government.