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Jul 13, 2008
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We (from the "GroupThink Project" assembly) are looking to come up with some Positive Solutions to eradicate this system of so called White Supremacy, and we are looking for whoever is interested, to help us. We feel that would be the best central place (bringing all of us together) for us to begin a movement.

Now, We are in the process of doing a number of things. We are looking to launch an online/e-mail newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep everyone up to date on current events (that affect us all around the world), the economy etc... etc..., and to keep everyone engaged in whatever plan of action that we decide on.

We want to get some T-Shirts (and eventually other merchandise) started so that we can bring in some revenue.

We are also looking to produce a short and sweet, to the point book/e-book outlining where we are, and what we as people need to do to rise up while addressing the areas of our people's activity that is being controlled (as outlined in the Isis Papers). If you visit our Groupthink/Feedback Thread, you will see that we are in the process of coming to consensus on a number of things regarding mainly our home grown document (as well as some ideas for the newsletter). We are looking for someone that is interested to add their feedback, input and ideas to this thread to help us. If you are interested, PLEASE GET CAUGHT UP IN THE THREAD FIRST! It's not that long at this point.

Right now, we are also meeting from 10AM-11AM Eastern Time every Thursday in the Chat Room.

EVERYONE IS ENCOURAGED AND WELCOME to attend the meetings, but we feel that the meetings would run smoother with 5 or less people involved in the constant back and forth on the mic. Right now we do have "regulars" which would be, Brown H0rnet, Clyde Coger, Ionlyspeaktruth, Seeking Maat and A007, but very seldom does everyone show up. So we are still looking for participation. If anyone doesn't show up on the mic, then we will welcome participants until it reaches 5.

We are also looking for some female perspective :bellydance: to go along with all of our :weights:

But, If you (male or female) believe that you can commit to making these meetings and being involved in the mic process, please let us know by responding to this thread, and also, visit The Mic Preparation Thread, and get yourself up to speed on getting yourself mic ready.

We are also looking for Web Designers and Graphics Designers to help us with our Online Newsletter and our T-shirt and/or merchandising efforts for

If you are interested in helping us but are unsure of exactly what to do, or have any questions, please respond to this thread and let us know.

The Link To the Entire Forum is Here

So you can see what all we have going on at any given time.

Peace IN!


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Jul 13, 2008
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3 Months of Premium Membership - Free!!

As described in the first post, we are looking to publish a home grown document (Book/E-book)...


UPDATE for 02/17/09 :idea:

We are Currently Running a Competition. Whoever can come up with the best name for this publication, will win 3 months free Premium Membership!!

Some Names that are currently on the table are:

Black Liberation
The Reconstruction of Black Civilization (a flip on Chancellor Williams book)
B.A.M: By Any Means
B.A.M.N: By Any Means Necessary
D.R.E.A.M.: Dedication to Restoring and Empowering Africans Mentalities
The Nu World Order
The Old World Order
DesteeDotcom: Re~Dedicating Africa
Fighting The System of Racism
The End of Racism As We Know It

If anyone from the Destee family has any ideas for a title, please respond to this thread and let us know.


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Feb 1, 2005
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title: DesteeDotCom: Re~Dedicating Africa

(errata: maybe i'm just not hip to the "New Grammar", but i'm wondering if that might be "better" as "... African Mentalities"? making it "the mentalities of Africa"-the Unified Nation, rather than "the mentalities of Africans"-the individuals of the rededicated African Nation.

either way, personally i feel this to be the best of those offered as "by any means [necessary]" allows for the possibility of someone starting some ish about "eh? violence is a "means"."

"nu" or "old": it sounds like a riff on this "new world order" stuff - which, i would imagine, might be the point. but i would wish that someday we create something that is not a "riff" on anything that has been done, but something entirely brand new, freshly thought of and not reminiscent of something somebody else has done so that it stands completely alone.

i also like my idea ... <grin>)

(on the other hand, "taking a riff" could work with something "old" like "DesteeDotCom: Back To Africa" ...<shrug> but even as my "calculations" in the "guess the date of the 10,000th member" contest showed/proved to me, i'll go with my first suggestion.)

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