Black People : The Breonna Taylor Incident - Can You Handle The Truth?


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Sep 6, 2010
Sacramento, California
It’s weird, it’s almost as if police serve warrants every day, and some are no-knock; and with some they knock but don’t say who they are while knocking (or the residents don’t hear) like the Breonna Taylor incident; and with some they knock and say who they are while they’re knocking. It’s weird.

No-knock warrants

Autopsy results on couple killed in botched drug raid

Former HPD officers charged after drug raid

Wife: Cops shot my husband in head during illegal raid

Here’s the real Breonna Taylor story. Notice how a black woman was killed while sleeping in a bed (something the media lied about with Breonna Tayor), but this didn’t become a huge story. And she was pregnant, and her baby died! So, shouldn’t this have become a huge story on the national news? It didn’t because it’s not about black lives mattering; it’s about secret plans/schemes/agendas that are related to the police and race. And whether it’s the media, corporations, government officials, celebrities (including sports players), or sports teams, they support the agendas but seem to support blacks. True or false, they only “care” about black deaths when the death was at the hands of a police officer or white person?

Pregnant Woman Shot To Death While Sleeping Inside Connecticut Home, Police Say



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Jun 14, 2018
True or false, they only “care” about black deaths when the death was at the hands of a police officer or white person?

Now you want to try playing the old canard of 'black on black crime' con game?..........get real

Check the statics, based on our percentage of the population we are WAY over represented in every category of incarceration, ticketing and fines........and death at the hands of police.
That's not to say none of happens to white folk, in fact the over numbers in the statics are white folk...........but then that would be expected wouldn't it as they are the majority population. Gee, why don't you talk about white on white crime?
Get your nose out of Breitbart News.


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Sep 6, 2010
Sacramento, California
Breonna Taylor 'It Was Her' Doesn't Mean She Fired Gun ... Lee Merritt Breaks Down New BF Video
Here’s TMZ playing their role as a controlled source of information. They and the undercover worker Lee Merritt who we’ve seen involved in other cases for this agenda are shaping people’s thoughts before they see the video (a video that was posted at another site) and come to their own conclusions. The mainstream media does the same thing.
My comments on the first video
Excited utterance? He was asked a question and he answered. They even have it quoted: “When an officer asks which of them fired at cops, Kenneth says, ‘It was her. She was scared.’” He verifies that he understood the question. But they want you to believe that he was just blurting things out. Oh yeah, and they “threatened him,” so he was scared and blurted that out. And let me address that. The cops entering the apartment were doing what they believed was right and legal. They were busting in on this drug house and were met with fire just as cops across America are when dealing with these drug busts. From their standpoint, one of these drug dealing thugs just shot at them. That’s why they were heartless when it came to Breonna Taylor. And I can show you other videos of the same thing. If you shoot at them, and especially if the bullet hits them, it’s over … they don’t care a thing about your life. And that’s understandable. But the media, and other controlled sources of information only want you to see the story from the eyes of Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend.
The second video
The first time he was asked who shot, he didn’t answer. The second time he was asked he answered and verified that he knew what they had asked by saying “she was scared” – giving a reason why she shot. And right before this he answered a question of what kind of gun it was, showing that he understood and had the ability to answer clearly. So, his answer to the next question was not some excited utterance like they want you to believe. And then, with that being established, now go back to the question about the gun. What kind of gun did SHE shoot? He said it was a regular 9mm. So, he’s saying that she shot. Then they asked him who shot, her or him, and he said her. So, that’s two times he identified her as the shooter.
Either he’s telling the truth and she pulled the trigger, or he’s lying on her for whatever reason. And that doesn’t mean that he or her knew who was at the door, it just means he lied; because his story changed during interrogation. Either he lied here and told the truth later, or he told the truth here and lied later. Either way he lied because that was not an excited utterance.
In another video Kenneth Walker is shown being ordered to walk backwards to the street where he was handcuffed. The cops had all exited the apartment.
Now go here:
Breonna Taylor SWAT Declares 'She's Done' ... New Post-Raid Body Cam Released

First video
They actually entered the apartment again sometime later using SWAT, and did so because they didn’t want to get shot up (or shot up again). And they had to clear the entire apartment, an apartment that was connected to this murderous drug organization, before they could even think about the trap queen who just possibly shot at them.
- 8:09 – “The suspect said that his girlfriend was shooting you guys with a 9mm.” And they talked about casings, plural, before this.
- 8:45 – “There’s a bunch in the hallway…”
Second video
- 1:17 – They start mentioning casings, plural, in the hallway.
And it’s also possible that they’re lying for the video. You never know.
And it turns out that even her boyfriend was selling drugs, and more:
FYI: I’m not posting this to argue any point. I’m just showing that he lied. And who knows, maybe he was paid to lie in order to support the agenda. Plenty of people get paid to support these agendas. And police officers and police departments go along with these agendas all the time. They’ve done it plenty of times before with staged shootings of blacks, and staged mass shootings.
If they did have him lie, why would they have him lie about Breonna Taylor not being the shooter?
When they use these incidents for their agenda they never want the person they’re painting as a victim, the person whose situation they’re using for their agenda, to look even a little bit guilty. They want them to look as innocent as possible. The more innocent they are perceived to be, the more of an injustice it will be perceived to be; the guiltier they are perceived to be, the less of an injustice it will be perceived to be. From Trayvon Martin to whoever is their pick today, it’s been the same.


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Jan 30, 2020
I've read much shorter versions of Breonna's alleged relationship with Glover before. But this is the first time I've read a detailed account.

Do I believe it? Obviously, people divulged information but did not want their names disclosed. I can understand this. But that makes me suspicious of the entire account.

I am also wondering how much of this detail came from police informants or is the fantasy of some writer who idolizes cops.

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