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Jan 22, 2001
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Hi Sister NNQueen ... :wave:

I am not sure what it is about, but I have read it all ... :research:

It appears to be historical perspectives, perhaps covering all that you have mentioned Queenie.

One thing I found notable, is that it is best to buy the book vs getting free copies online. I had never considered that others may add their own words to our great Ancestors' work. That's krazee. Not that I am saying it happened, but it was alleged. That's scary. I suppose it's good for those that do not want to buy the book, having free copies available. I have a long standing position on this, buy the book, support financially those (their family) we say we adore and respect. But I don't want to get on my high horse or anything ... :horse: ... :) ... It is reasonable though, to take all we get from the Internet with a grain of salt.

ogoun ... thanks for starting this thread and sharing the links, as some may not be in a position to buy the book. But is it stealing, if we take the property of another without paying for it? ... *sigh* ... :shame: ... this really is an old pet peeve of mine. You have done nothing wrong in this regard. Please know that. In fact, you did it exactly right. Providing links to the works and not posting them in their entirety here. I suppose some of these great works are in the public domain by now. I do not know. But whose rule is that, public domain? Okay, I am getting off this horse, for real now.

ogoun ... willa has not hijacked the thread, nor is she being a troll. In fact, it was you that made it personal (a rule violation) talking about her personally and not remaining on topic. She never did that. She did remain on topic. It is not a hijacked thread because someone posts a counter position in it, as you will find we have decades of threads / discussions just like this. It does sometimes get heated, as one believes their opinion is greater, better, true-er than another's. It has happened many many many many times here. It is allowed, so long as it is done respectfully, abiding by the rules, etc. As Brother jamesfrmphilly suggested, putting someone on ignore is the first course of action, if it gets too hot in the kitchen. That way you do not have to read what they say. If you think someone is breaking one of our 13 Rules, there is a link under every post that you can click and report it and it will be addressed. I do not see every post and might miss a request for moderation (as I almost did here).

I think it's a great thread because it brings our Ancestors, their work, thoughts, positions to the fore.

We do not (and will not) all agree. It is okay.

What is most important is that we are engaging respectfully.

That we can have the dialogue, despite the disagreement.

Whoever reads this thread will have all of the opinions shared in it, to consider.

Each will make their own decision based on the information presented.

It's a win win! ... :score:

Loving Us!




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Feb 9, 2001
Hey NNQ, the new avatar. Appears to be Denzel. Book Of Eli?

I couldn't find one image like that under his name in the entire IMDB site.

So how's school?
Denzel in his new movie, Equalizer 2...have you seen it yet?

School...getting ready for 50K students to swoop down onto the campus next week. Expecting some sort of drama every day. Local businesses are geeked to see students returning so they can get into their wallets by selling them over priced goods. Greedy landlords renting to students who want to live off-campus are already cashing big checks. Fraternities and sororities are gearing up for fall recruitment wannabes to boost their membership. The Divine 9 included. Unfortunately, beer will start flowing like water at local pubs and during tailgate parties at football games and women will start filing assault complaints the following week. The drum team for the marching band have started rehearsing outdoors getting ready for the first night home game next Friday. I'm told we are expecting approximately 100K people to be on campus at the same time so they are encouraging employees to leave campus by 3pm that day. Don't have to tell me twice. The campus police are ready to start issuing parking and driving violations and make a ton of money doing it. I hope this year I don't hit any bicycle riders who run into my car. Car wins/bikers lose. International students will hover in groups, barely speaking English but somehow making it through the system. For many, it will be their first time being in the U.S. and so you see them walking around taking pictures of everything!! Honestly, I'll miss the quiet/peaceful summer we've had but, I'm a veteran at this and know how to survive the start of fall semester. .


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Apr 7, 2013
It always pays for the sake of American Security that we keep up with all the technology. I see Russia has studied it. And if they give us advice, hang on to your books and wallets.

The Air force was tired of their HAARP studies which tells me they have found out all the information about it they thought was important. So I feel pretty good about our safety on that. Until... I read that the University of Alaska bought the HAARP site with the specialized antenna, wiring, meters, buildings and all. :SuN024: I don't trust the politics of universities, meaning what are these communistic institutions going to do with their space and atmosphere knowledge? What will be the collusion with that?

By going to college with a more mature understanding of our history with the world, I know first hand that the constant lectures by professors who are chosen and dismissed by interviews to hire through political assessment of those handing in applications. They do have an agenda, as admitted by one professor to the class. In other words any contrary narrative to theirs, for student conversion for instilling their political goals are not hired. You have one voice only now in colleges and also in their text books the same. Have any of you seen the movie, "Body Snatchers?" The college goal is to break student identity with this country. That is imperative to change this country out of it's democracy and into Communism.
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