Black Men : The Black Man Has Nothing But God


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Aug 9, 2003
I know I was warned not to mention GOD or the Devine Being in other threads and to relegate them only to the religious forum but I see my GODS name used here in a most profuse manner so I guess my usage of GODS name should or could be overlooked. Black men oftentimes are so marginalized from all quarters these days they probably feel that only my Lord GOD is in their corner. Some probably have lost all hope entirely & feel that they're walking alone. That's when GOD carries them through the turbulent storm to the calm of a new day.

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Oct 27, 2019
Sometimes it seems that the black man has nothing but God.

Some brothas get so discouraged, they don't even think they have Him.

Be not dismayed, my brothers who are oppressed, despised, and downhearted.

God is on your side.

This is a spiritual war. Feminism, Racism, Unfair laws, etc. is all an attack on MAN. The problem is brothers have taken to worshiping women, worshiping money, and disrespecting themselves by following the immoral lead of the woman and this society. You have to place Christ first, not your wife, not black women, not your job, and then all things will follow. And I am not talking about the hippy that you see on the walls of churches. Churches are teaching the Jezebel's doctrine; not the truth.

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