Black Poetry : The Black Family


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Mar 8, 2002
That leads to confusion
the disintegration
The Black Family

Bleeding slowly ,hymerging
off the brutality that occurs
between woman and man
Consecrating over and over
with different partners
The mistrust, gypsy hearts
Becoming a family before
committing to be one
The degradation
The Black Family

Planting a seed
and walking away
not nurturing its growth
allowing nature to determine
the worth of the fruit
The seed grows
but bears bitter fruit
Your rib is broken and lost
The rib separated
from the body
hymerging , bleeding slowly
Broken body …
The Black Family

Dying slowly
a concept
that is extinct
The Black Family

Matrimony being so
conveniently replaced
by titles put in its place
“Baby Momma or Daddy”
we just kickin it
we just friends
common law
Is there any figure
that lies and adultery
are constant visitors
in the household

Lay down with dogs
come up with fleas
how do you expect to
be a family
Can’t cook
want clean
nothing to offer
but You’re pretty nails
and designer clothes
Given away freely
everything that
defines you a as woman
Given it away hoping
that he will be the one
one to feel that
empty space
Touching your inner
but not able
or wanting to touch
your soul

So again you are searching
giving yourself away
There is nothing left for you
Your child is in bondage
because you are unable
to break the chains .
The constant cycle ,
the constant search
which each generation
Bleeding slowly
generation after generation
The Bondage of the Black Family



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Mar 19, 2001
Ohhhhhhhhh....YES!!! This is fabulous. You have just received the FIVE RAISED FIST AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE...




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Aug 1, 2001
Montgomery Alabama
USAFR Training Technician
Welcome Griot!!! Welcome to the family. you know I love this piece. it's hot. keep flowing and enjoy my sister.


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