Black Poetry : The Birth Of A Fantasy


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Mar 17, 2001
South Jersey
United States Air Force
Gestating in our mind of minds…

it grows…

An inclination you suppose?

Or a reality experienced in the flesh?

The birth of a fantasy takes only a
moment to conceptualize

Heavy breathing to the tune of
1000 precious lullabies

Meeting you on a cloud under a starlit
night to spend that "QT" time

reserved for your bedroom
just in the
nick of time…

to tongue kiss your memories which are
forever mine in your nighttime




meditations with me…

making love on the strength to your
dreams that start with you and I…

and end in


Chimeras of this is like 2 dreamers
dreaming the exact same dream

Loving in the night with passionate

Those which cause you tears of pain
cause my love hurts as it should…

it’s only for a night of conjoined


Word is bond; the love is good!

While you sleep, I wipe your cares
away so that your love fantasy can
indeed become a reality

Doing this all up in your mix

Giving you that smooth as silk


Dying to show you what’s real

in your once preconceived dreams

when you imagine it as being so

Doing it to you like "WHOA"

Letting all this good love naturally


Feeling you without touching you

The chills race to your finish line

You know…

That shiver that runs up and down your
spine as you think of that fantasized
tender moment between

You & I

Promises of pleasured hopes are bound to

materialize, intertwine, and unwind

Is that your lovejuices dripping all about
your personal mind?

Breast stroking in your karma now drenched in
your sweet secretions and sweat

Slow down there baby - it ain’t happening yet!

Hold on to that spirited lust that’s innocent
and quite pure

Give in to me; cry out erotically
like a virgin’s first exhaled breath


Oh yeah; no doubt wanting more!

Fingering your mind’s love canal - moistening
the way for the birth of a fantasy come true

Eroticized whispers accentuate my positive
touch when you…

Touch me there merely in


Softly I caress your sensual mystique while
masturbating both of our mental physiques

our every thought to


They flow intensely and they flow true!

With deeper infiltration of your {inner) sanctum

Going where none will surely go again

Cause I am now in you - metaphorically

I'm exactly right where you want me to be!

With eyes closed and lips tenderly bitten ever
so slightly, sheets gripped in clenched fists

My mental manhood thrusts deeply into your
woman’s secret nightly inhibitions…

P~e~N~e~T~r~A~t~I~N~g your cerebral
walls of desire so carefully built to conceal
your lovely yearning for your psyche’s secret
birth of its fantasy

Extremely wet like the ocean true, you sleep…


Trying not to disturb your own sweetest love
groove cause…

you’re almost there

Wanting not to awaken in a cold sweat

For the sexual tension remains hot and heated…

sure that my imagined tongue is still there too

Impregnating your psyche with millions of
pheromones from just a single shot of me…



is born

It’s now our





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Mar 23, 2001
Metro Detroit

Dog you aint even gone cook dat **** huh? Just gone serve it to us RAW like dat?

Happy New Year Bruh! I see you been in the lab This hea was all flame!

Madd Respect


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Mar 14, 2001
The PeAcH State
Lover of Words

**** You!!...

here it is 2002... & i DO NOT want to be going
BACK on the oxygen!! :) you would think that
after alla this tyme, i'd learn how NOT to become
breath-less while reading you! i guess some
things neva change tho'... like the sheer beauty
of your flow & the way it always moves me. (RT)

BlakGurl :)

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