Science and Technology : The Big Bang blows Atheism Sky High: Even Science May Eventually Catch Up to God’s Word

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
In the Spirit of Sankofa,

The Big Bang Blows Atheism Sky High: Even Science May Eventually Catch Up to God’s Word

... Be they theist, atheist or anti-theist, on this nearly all scientists agree: In the beginning there was nothing. There was no time, space or matter. There wasn’t even emptiness, only nothingness. Well, nothing natural anyway.

Then: bang! Everything. Nonexistence became existence ...

Earth is pictured from outerspace. (Wikimedia Commons Photo)



Damaris Sheldon

Jun 27, 2016
Even Steven Hawking concedes that Earths best mathematicians, physicist & astronomers cannot adequately describe the Theorums concerning the basic concept of Infinity with the application of mathematics using the fastest most powerful computer models available at NASA JPL, his prevailing explanation is Earths resources have not evolved enough to accept the fact that Infinity, it's displacement, when & how it was created or if & when it will become finite cannot be adequately explained to our own satisfaction in the terms we formatted for ourselves, basically he concedes that we are not yet capable of thinking outside the proverbial box we have created for our best theorist.

Chaya Chaim

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Feb 1, 2016

OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY IX:1 says "The same force, vortexya, pervadeth the entire universe but different, according to volume, velocity and CONFIGURATION."

Force of Vortexya = Configuration = tetrahedral pyramid structure = fig. 52 Atomic systems forming, Fig. 53 AA Atomic systems forming. = Vortices of contracting cones. Below Fig. 52 and Fig. 53 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT (PAGE 249).

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