Black Muslims : The " Bid'A " ... of The Prophet Muhammad.


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaahu The Sustainer/Lord of The Universe and peace on who follows The Guidance:
Bid' an arabic word which means, " any innovation or invitation which contradicts or is not of Islaam i.e. The Holy Qur'aan. The Authority which governs Islaam is The Holy Qur'aan and The Decisions and instructions of The Prophet Muhammad, to whom The Holy Qur'aan was revealed.
In Islaam it is forbidden for a muslim/muslimaati to introduce into Islaam what is not of it. Therefore, " Bid'A " is a serious matter. " Bid'A' is an invitation ' to what or anything that Allaahu ' has not sanctioned or sent as Guidance. An easy way to distinguish what Allaahu has sent down from anything else is to read The Scriptures of Allaahu and pointedly, The Holy Qur'aan.

I use the word "bid'A" to highlight a very important point, that English translations of The Holy Qur'aan and the english translations of hadiyth/hadeeth cover. whether the cover up is done due to academic mistake or clear intent to decieve and misguide, every muslim alive need be fully confronted with The Knowledge that Allaahu has sent down for our Guidance and Power.

If " bid'a" is anything that Allaahu HAS NOT SAID OR MENTIONED in Qur'aan ...than witness two things that all muslims follow and will defend THAT ARE NOT MENTIONED IN THE HOLY QUR'AAN That The Prophet Muhammad caused to be in effect!!
1). sniffing water through the nose during "wudu"
2). The recitation of suwraatul' Faatihah during Salaah i.e. your salaat (worship) is not valid without the recitation of surah Faatihah
3). whoever does not recite The Qur'aan beautifully is not of us.
the above three mentioned are 'things' most if not all muslims know about. therte is not a muslim alive that has not been taught to express water through the nose during 'wudu' which a word which describes the washing of the limbs for salaat (worship). The word " Du'aa" means prayer. Prayer and Worship ARE NOT the same.

Holy Qur'aan 5:6 explains how to wash for Salaah. if you go and read it you will see that The nose is not mentioned . so why did the Prophet Muhammad teach the companions to do it? why did he 'add' cleaning the nose?
when any muslim performs the 'ghusl' as it is outlined in verse 6 of surah 5 they are obeying Allaahu...when the Prophet Muhammad performs the same washing he is obeying Allaahu. notice the word 'ghusl' this is the word that is IN the verse and it means a specific way to wash for a specific purpose. The word 'wudu' IS NOT in this verse. the word that Allaahu uses is 'ghusl' NOT 'wudu'. The Prophet Muhammad used the word 'wudu' and the Prophet Muhammad used this word because he 'added' flushing the nose with water during 'ghusl'... the performance of washing the limbs in preparation for Salaah, worship. not prayer. salaah/salaat, means worship.
salaat is the plural form and salaah is singular.
in Qur'aan it reads that " Obey Allaah and obey The Messenger and do not make vain (tubtiluu- from the word Baatil- which means false) your deeds" surah 47:33.
This verse actually sanctions the authority of The Prophet to instructs us and that such instructions MAY not be found in Qur'aan but does not depart from its teaching. therefore what The Prophet teaches cannot be looked upon as "bid'a" ...but in the instances where his teaching does/did depart from the actual words of Allaah as found inQur'aan, you will see OPENS (i.e. Faatihah) a vortex AND portal to interface physical Light. Literally.

you see...after Allaahu by way of Qur'aan explained the proper way to wash in order to offer Salaat , The Angel Jibraa'iyl later approached The Prophet to make clear what he, the Prophet, had just received of Qur'aan. But after The Angel made sure that Muhammad understood he then instructed him to flush the nose with water i.e. to sniff water into the nostrils and eject the water, flushing the nose chamber thoroughly. why? here is the reason why.

If you notice, there is a huge difference between a Book and a Scripture. A book is written by an author, someone who has collected information and writes down whatever they intend to write. Allaahu does not write books. men, human beings write books.
A Scripture written by a Scribe. a scribe writes whatever they HEAR. that is the job of a Scribe. the Scribe does not add any words nor grammatical markings nor subtracts anything from what is heard from the Narration. The Qur'aan is The Narration of Allaah, narrated by Allaah to The Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet then recited (from his memory) The Qur'aan to certain companions to write down. The Qur'aan WRITTEN is called The Scripture of Allah or in arabiyyah, Kitaabullaahi/kitaab'Allah. The word "Kitaab" means Scripture. The word "daftar" means book. The Qur'aan does not name itself "daftar". The Qur'aan names itself " kitaab".
There is a clear distinction between a book and a scripture. The Qur'aan is a Scripture.

The court reporter in a court of law, during a hearing, is a Scribe.

if you turn to Qur'aan surah 56 verse 75 and read it. Now read 76. now read 77 and stop.
verse (ayaah) 77 reads that " this is a Qur'aan most honourable " the next verse reads, " IN a Book well guarded " literally the verse reads,
FI - In
Kitaabin - Scripture
Maknuwn - guarded
The word "maknuwn" literally means " cemented, firmly established ". the guarded means something watched over or supervised. Many ayaat in Qur'aan state that Allah will guard The Qur'aan. 56:77 is not one of those ayaah. Allaah says that the Scripture is firmly established. but the point is that The Qur'aan says that The Qur'aan is IN The Kitaab. The Kitaab is the written Scripture of Allah. The Qur'aan is another matter. And yes, this will all flow back to why a muslim must flush his nose with water.
An Imaam or Shaykh can teach you the huwruwf, letters of the arabic language and also teach you the proper pronounciation of the letters and words of the arabic. However there is only one teacher of The Holy Qur'aan. please read surah 55: 1-2-3-4. verse 2 specifically.
so tell me, who has claimed to be the teacher of Qur'aan? The Prophet Muhammad? The Angel Jibraa'iyl (gabriel)?
if you are a muslim who recites The Holy Qur'aan, its PROPER recitation begins with knowing WHO is your teacher and HOW the Teacher is teaching you. Allaah says to obey Muhammad, so that your deeds do not become null and void, vain. do it the way The Prophet did it. This has been made obligatory by Allah. we are instructed to Recite Qur'aan according to how The Prophet recited Qur'aan. if we recite it the way The Prophet was taught to recite it then we are obeying Allah. for Qur'aan says to obey Allaah and obey the prophet. Allah says to wash the limbs and head to prepare for salaat. The Prophet Muhammad ordered that we not only do that, but also flush the nose with water.
The word Qur'aan is actually two words :
Al - The
Qur - Reading
Ann - Two
" The Two Reading ". The arab scholars translate this as " The Two Readings ". meaning that there is the earthly copy of Qur'aan being circulated throughout the planet earth and there is the original Qur'aan which is located in Lawhim Mahfudh, a term in Qur'aan which means The Guarded Tablet..meaning that The Lawhim Mahfudh is the great Tome which contains all of The Scriptures of Allaah that have been sent into the earth Through a Prophet:

1). As-Suhuf/Adam, Idriys (Enoch), Shiyth (Seth), Nuh (Noah), Ibrahiym (Abraham) {87:18,19}
2). At-Tawraah/ The Prophet Muwsaa (Moses) {3:48}
3). Al Hikmaat / The Prophet Luqmaan {31:12}
4). Az Zabuwr/ The Prophet Dawuwd (David) {4:163
5). Kitaabu Barnaabaa (Barnabas: only companion of The Messiah Iysaa (Jesus) ordered to Scribe.
6). Al Injiyl/ The Prophet/Masiyha Iysaa (The Messiah Jesus) {3:48}
7). Al Qur'aan/ The Prophet Muhammad { 18:1}
All seven of these Scriptures are mentioned in Qur'aan. Kitaabu Barnaabaa, called in English, The Gospel of Barnabas was Scribed by Barnabas on the orders of Iysaa (Jesus). The writing survives and is amazing IN ITS ORIGINAL LANGUAGE.
I cited the above verse (ayaah) 3:48 to show That what Allaah did to Jesus, which was 'personally' teach His Scriptures to Iysaa...Allah will do the same with Muhammad and those who obey Allah in following The Prophet Muhammads' example.
1). AR Rahmaan - The Merciful/Gracious
2). Allamal'Qur'aan... He teach Qur'aan.
3). Khalaqal Insaan... He Created human beings
4). Allamahul' bayaan... He teach Speech

no the correct tense isn't " he teaches" the tense is in the perfect present meaning, now, as we speak, this instance. Allah is never in past tense nor can be assigned to past, future or 'placed' anywhere. theoretically people play with concepts. but literally Allaah is Al Haaaqqu... and Reality is not subject to Time.
"The Two Reading ". Not, The Two Readings. Knowing how many copies of Qur'aan there are and where they are means nothing. The reason Qur'aan is called Qur'aan is because :
everything is Qur'aan ALLAAH SAID IT FIRST AND ALLAH WAS SPEAKING TO MUHAMMAD ABOUT WHAT ALLAH HAS WITNESSED. ALLAH NARRATED TO MUHAMMAD FROM ALLAH''s OWN MEMORY. A Narration comes from memory, something observed and then recited. this is the meaning of a "Qur". A 'qur' is a reading....from the memory. not from something written. If Allah was the first to say what we find in Qur'aan....then whoever says the same is the second to say it, the same thing.
YOU read it second.
Now here is the knowledge of the nose. In the qur'aan washing the limbs for salaat is called ghusl...not wudu. when you perform the ghusl as Allah instructed and Muhammad obeyed, and then from The Angel Jibraa'iyl learned to flush the nose AND why, the ghusl is now called 'wudu'.
Literally the word "wudu" means " Illumination " which is a pretty non scientific word for its proper literal meaning, radiation. illumination is a veil of light or glow which surrounds something. radiation is light which specifically comes from the 'inside' of something and projects outward from it. something illumined is something 'through' which light flows. Radiation is something from which light flows. The word 'wudu' means radiation. but the applied meaning precedes the literal meaning in the arabic dictionaries. this is incorrect. the applied meaning is to succeed the literal meaning; because the applied meaning is to be governed by the literal meaning. The literal meaning of something is what it is. The applied meaning of something is how the thing is used.
When water is sniffed through the nose properly you should feel like you are going to drown, a little. kind of like going swimming and by accident swallowing water through your nose. recall the burn? the burning sensation within the nasal chamber?
there are two main nerves within the nasal chamber. the two nerves are attached to the bones in the nose. the name of the bones in the nose are called turbines. Not by me but by those who have written human anatomy books. in fact, the word anatomy is two words: an - atom. The letter "y" when used as a suffix, means 'to cut'. The word anatomy literally means, " to cut an atom ". Its applied meaning is, the study of the human body.
When you sniff water through the nose, the water will flush over two nerves.
1). the lacrimal nerve - which causes tears
2). the accessory nerve - which causes an electromagnetic field within the body.
what you must understand is that the accessory nerve is the only nerve in the body which is directly connected to every single vital organ within the body. The heart, lungs, brain and spinal chord, the digestive system (called enteric system). This nerve interfaces directly with the pineal gland, pituitary gland, the medulla oblongata which is an organ responsible for the involuntary functions and responses of the body. this one nerve is connected to all of the conscious life systems of the body and it is the only nerve connected to all of the bodily vital organs.
This nerve is specifically engaged for the purpose of reciting The Holy Qur'aan. The Qur'aan, is not anything that was created by nor in this world. therefore it is not read the same way you read in a language of this world. The Qur'aan is not of this world and the ability to read it is not what you have learned in a school . Consider this. You can read the newspaper and with the same voice and the same mind, read The Qur'aan? The Words of Allaah? No. The body must transform in order to deal with the weight of light. Allah claims that HE Is Light. 24:35. He does not say He is LIKE light. He says in Kitaabullaahi that HE is Light. This means that Qur'aan is Light which means it must be read by way of light. not by way of ink on paper, and your ability or inability to understand words in a language.
The brain and nervous system of the body was/is designed to manage, distribute light (electricity) within the body, the way the heart and circulatory system is designed to manage, distribute blood.
imagine you go to a doctor. he says to you, ' say aah '. so you open your mouth and say aah and he looks into it. Now literally, say aah and hold it..." aaaahhh ". now say it again but as you say it this time, cause your tongue to rise up to the roof of your mouth. you will feel a subtle vibration. if you rise and let fall your tongue you will feel a subtle vibration, a humming.
the vibration you feel is coming from the bones in your nose which effects your entire skeleton.
if you blow your nose really hard you can hear and feel the bones in your nose. people who snore during sleep...the bones within the nasal chamber are rattling. the bones in the nose are called turbines. why? this is the motor of the electromagnetic field of the body.

I ask you to recall the three points of The Bid'a of The Prophet Muhammad mentioned earlier.
One was, " to recite the qur'aan beautifully ". the circulating hadiyth reads, " He who does not recite the qur'aan beautifully is not of us ". in the original arabiyyah it reads " he who does not SPEAK THROUGH THE NOSE by way of qur'aan is not of us " in other words, the translators of this hadiyth , saw the word " yataghanna" and translated it as 'beautiful or beautiful voice'. they either did not know better or translated it incorrectly on purpose. Either way, it is the only hadiyth that actually contains the specific way to recite qur'aan! through the nose. when you speak through the nose you are sending your voice through an electromagnetic field. the slight humming sound, the vibration is what must be present when reciting The Words of Allah. so that when you say " A'uthu billaahi minash shaytaanir Rajiym " the vibration in the voice turns the voice into light and the light is what destroys darkness, yes?
all things that exist, vibrate. whether you've sat through a physics class or not, understand that every single present and alive thing vibrates. a rotting corpse is vibrating; at an incredibly low pace/rate but it is vibrating nonetheless.
" He who does not speak through the nose by way of qur'aan is not of us ". you would never know this if you don't read arabic. and because we, as a nation of Black people in America trust our education to white people, even if they come from Saudi Arabia or Egypt, we wont learn ****. our so called religion will continue to consist of a collection of knowledge that does not allow/forge a connection to Allah. Allah claims to Be Light. why not test the claim?The Prophet Muhammad did and we call this " Al Israa " translated to "the night of ascension" you see, the word Israa simply means, To lift, to rise. but they translate it as, " the night of ascension ". its applied meaning has overtaken its literal meaning and as such, we think this is something ONLY for The Prophet Muhammad. Noooooo. It was not an event solely for The Prophet Muhammad. The event was for us to learn how to do/achieve/reach the same, from the example of the Prophet Muhammad. any questions or corrections, please tell me show me etc...I left out much so as not to bore the hell out of anybody but if interested we can detail anything that I have failed to properly explain or failed to mention. As Salaamu Alaykum.


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Aug 9, 2003
Big props for sharing this very informative post with us too!!


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