Black Muslims : The Assassination of Imam Luqman[RA]


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Aug 17, 2010

The International Council for Urban Peace, Justice and Empowerment is a coalition of chapters and affiliates in over 35 cities. We represent the largest grassroots, national, international coalition and network of faith and community based organizations, activists and organizers dedicated to peace, justice and empowerment, ending gang warfare, violence and crime.
On behalf of the grassroots people of Detroit and America we are issuing a statement on the “extra judicial execution” or targeted assassination of Imam Luqman Abdullah (of Detroit 10-28-2010)
All of the affiliates of the International Council for Urban Peace, Justice and Empowerment have stated for the record that Imam Luqman was the victim of a conspiracy that was intended to characterize him, his mosque, their members and his national affiliated relationships as criminals by the government putting together paid criminal informants to infiltrate a mosque and engage in provocateuring in a community that is economically depressed and socially challenged (to commit crimes).

Imam Luqman Abdullah speaks on behalf of Imam Jamil Al-Amin in 2008, the year before his assassination by the FBI
Our independent investigation has uncovered a consistent line of lies by the government, and we have been given what is so called “classified information” by law enforcement in Georgia and Michigan that the Imam was targeted because of his relationship to Imam Jamil Al-Amin (formerly known as H. Rap Brown the 60’s civil rights activist).
In addition, the National Ummah was actively involved in organizing the most successful Urban, (Gang) Peace and Justice effort in history, which resulted in a ten (10) year drop in gang related shootings, homicides, other violence and negative activity.

Young marcher demands "Free Imam Jamil Al-Amin" during march on Pentagon
According to some documents that have been uncovered, Imam Luqman, who was actively involved in visiting Imam Jamil in prison in Georgia was accused of being inciteful by Federal Bureau of Prison Investigators (their ideas of inciteful were asking questions and raising issues like health and his human rights which triggered a death sentence), although the Georgia State Bureau of Prisons did not accuse him of that.
His visits were peaceful and the climate was non- threatening. However, it was alleged according to the federal government that Imam Jamil was too powerful in the Georgia State Prison and that he was a threat to the status quo because of his ability to perhaps call for work stoppages, and hunger strikes. There is no evidence of Imam Jamil being involved in those types of activities. But as a result of that, he was transferred to the Supermax Prison in Florence Colorado.
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