Black Poetry : THE APOLOGY(tribute to our ancestors)

Keita Kenyatta

going above and beyond
Feb 7, 2004
Did we apologize Elijah and Malcolm, and even Dr. King...
for not listening to your wisdom and the song you used to sing ?
Did we apologize Mr. Garvey, for not picking up the pace,
and not heeding to your call which told us, up you mighty race ?

And even you, old Miss Tubman, with a mission never fun...
we apologize for forcing you to free us with a gun.
Angela Davis, Nzinga, and even Sojourner Truth...
I would have loved to have known you, when you were in your youth.

Huey P. Newton, Queen Hatshepsut, down to Assata Shakur,
please accept our humble apologies for not seeing what you saw.
David Walker, Nat Turner, and Noble Drew Ali...
we apologize for failing to be all that we can be.

Hannible, and Tutankhamen and Shaka Zulu too...
we apologize for all the pain our sell outs put you through.
George jackson, Elaine Brown, and Mumia Abu Jamal...
we apologize for not loving you the way you loved us all.

There are so many names, not ordinary,
but people, so extrordinary,
that history tries to hide....
But I apologize for all of us...
who lived and those who died.



Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
this was well done and smooth tribute to the forfathers & ancestors
who felt it all deeper then we know tyte writeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Zen Master_1

Well-Known Member
Nov 12, 2003
Corvallis Oregon
So true

As we look around us, we shake our heads for what has taken place is ashame and it does hurt daily. The scheme planned is working that even it has widen out to inflict the same abuses on others, yes nothing new same of thing to make you look dangerous and rob you blind, still we have not woke up!

Zen Master


Well-Known Member
Dec 18, 2002
North Memphis
Wow so there is somebody else out there that has some knowing of assata shakur! They set a bright path for us. It's sad that this generation often strays away from the path. Amazing work

one luv

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