Black People : THANKSGIVING - How Would You Feel If Native Americans Celebrated Slavery?

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Hello Family,

The holiday "Thanksgiving" is upon us and many are planning the preparation of the turkey and trimmings in honor of this yearly celebration.

Do you realize we are celebrating the theft of a country from the Natives of this land?

How would you feel if the Native Americans (Indians) celebrated our slavery in this country?

Have you ever thought about what we are actually celebrating?




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Jul 25, 2004
Luckily I was brought up to know the falsehood of this so called holiday.
I feel sorry for those of us who still celebrate it, and believe what the white people and the history textbooks have been continuing to teach them, without looking behind the words, and not questioning their beliefs. Some people say its a day to be thankful to God and for life,family etc. But that it is supposed to happen flip the script and say it is for that purpose..on that particular day is an issue for me. It's turning that day of horror into something else to hmm make the lie more acceptable and say that you are not observing it.
If the Native Americans celebrated I don't know..I have no clue what to say on that. But it would..give us a dose of our own medicine.

There is a book about us (African Americans) celebrating these European holidays..It's a two book series by Ishakamusa Barashango and the title is Afrikan People and European Holidays: A mental genocide
I think it was in book said ..that us celebrating thanksgiving
is like the U.S. celebrating Pearl Harbor...and what yall got ta say about that?
Thanks for the question, it was much needed. Peace



Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
I always wonder what was so thankful about this day
thanksgiving 4th thursday giving thanks for a divine goodness
who goodness where do we fine goodness in the whiteman thankz

i written about this same thing 2 years ago how can we be thankful
for what's not ours but stolen land taken , i'm no pilgrim the english white men
who was settlers / taken the what was foreign land of native americans of 1620
we can't thank anything of such and feast on the harvest of the whiteman so call
holy grounds an expression of gratitude for moving the founders of native americans
land out what are we thankful for .......I wouldn't like the facts that any culture
would be celebrating any slavery , very good point Destee made here i like to hear
more of the people speak on this.

Radical Faith

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Dec 3, 2003
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The Great Thanksgiving

Sure most of us know the history of thanksgiving and the history of many other holidays. Yet and still we should be thankful but we are not. We are blessed but take it for granted. So without Thanksgiving many of us would never be thankful or give thanks. African Americans have always added our distinct flavor to adversity and tragedy. We wanted ham and pork chops they gave us pig intestines and we made chitterlings. We wanted wealth, power and prestige they gave us peanuts we made peanut butter. We want wanted to be loved and seen as equals when they broke our hearts we invented open heart surgery. We wanted train sets and red wagons they give us balls and sticks to play with we gave them Julius Irving, Michael Jordan, Bill Russel, Walter Payton, Jim Brown, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron. We wanted to be heard and seen as beautiful, they told us to shut up and mind your business we answer with Muhammad Ali. We wanted the violin and flute and harp they give us the harmonica and we still made the Blues. So you see our resiliency. So let us start a new tradition. Instead of giving thanks with words let us invite an unfortunate stranger or family to our blessed table to share a meal and fellowship. Let's be thankful that we are blessed enough to give on our own. This is the best way to honor God.


Radical Faith


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Jun 8, 2004
Mama Destee, as per your usual, a great question to us all...

I don't celebrate this, or any of the so-called holidays prominently honored by the North American White Man - that includes Christmas... For a number of years, I fasted on Thanksgiving, and my family started fussin' with me about being anti-social, anti-family, and just a plain miserable and mean man(smile!) I held my ground, and we compromised:I eat the day after "Misgiving Day." Can't be letting that Macaroni and Cheese and Candied Yams go to waste(smile!)

How would I feel if the Native Americans celebrated our enslavement? Well, I don't think they'd ever do that, because their genocide is intimately tied into our enslavement... They know that it was they whom the White Man enslaved and murdered first, so there's little to be gained by sneering at Africans in that way... But sister Destee, here's another angle from which to approach this... Many African Americans have Native American heritage themselves, so when we celebrate Thanksgiving, we are not only celebrating out enslavement, we are celebrating our own genocide... Hmmm, think about that while y'all basting that big glob of dead animal flesh on wednesday night :thinking:


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