Black People : Textbook Company to Update Description of Slaves as ‘Workers’ After Criticism


Jul 2, 2003

Textbook Company to Update Description of Slaves as ‘Workers’ After Criticism

It all started when Roni Dean-Burren's son texted his mom his annoyance at the description
Textbook publishing giant McGraw-Hill will rewrite a section of a book after a Houston mother complained that the text made light of the treatment of the slaves that were forcibly brought to the Americas from Africa.
Outrage over the textbook language spread after Roni Dean-Burren posted an Instagram of a text message from her son, Coby. The freshman had sent along a photo from his World Geography textbook that described African slaves as “workers” and “immigrants.” He wrote underneath: “we was real hard workers wasn’t we” with an emoji expressing an annoyed face.

“The Atlantic slave trade brought millions of workers … notice the nuanced language there. Workers implies wages … yes?” she wrote.


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Jan 28, 2001
the near north
the white man has been trying, for decades, to white-wash history...especially the slavery era. if it makes them look bad, in any way, they've tried to rewrite put a different spin on it, so they don't look bad, globally. i.e. the big push to disprove the fact that the civil war was about the slavery issue. yet, when calls for rewriting textbooks to include the accomplishments, the inventions...the true history of the black man, the argument would cost too much money to rewrite history books.

if you could find dictionaries from the sixties/seventies, and compare them with today's dictionaries, you'll find the definition of certain words have lessen the impact of them. that might appear minor, but when those definitions are used to justify changing the wording of historical accounts, it becomes huge.


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Aug 9, 2003
It's gone from bad to worse:

After all, Malcolm X was not a CIVIL RIGHTS leader!!!

He was actually a black liberation forerunner and also a revolutionary theorist etc.


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