Black People : Television At It's WORST...All My Baby's Mamas


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Apr 21, 2007
SMDH! Rapper Shawty Lo And His 10 Baby Mamas To Star In Oxygen Reality Show

Dec 27, 2012
ByRuth Manuel-Logan

Someone at the Oxygen network has truly scrapped the bottom of the barrel for this one!

The cable network has announced the production of a new one-hour special, “All My Babies’ Mamas,” which features the day-to-day drama-filled shenanigans of Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo (pictured), his 10 baby mamas and their army of 11 children, reports TV By the Numbers.

The one-hit wonder rapper and G-Unit member, whose actual name is Carlos Walker, is surrounded by the women he bedded as well as their offspring. The project focuses on how everyone is vying for the attention of the homestead’s head honcho (who, by the way ain’t nothing at all to look at) and anti-birth control poster child.

Each baby mama has an eye-catching title such as the ‘First Lady E’Creia,’ who handles Lo’s finances and who was actually engaged to him at one point after he already had three children. Then there’s Angela, the “Fighter Baby Mama,” Amanda, the “Jealous Baby Mama,” Sujuan, the “Wanna-be Bougie Baby Mama” and Tamara, the “No-Drama Baby Mama.”
(I know, the names take “ratchet monikers” to another level.)

Lo, 36, also has a 19-year-old girlfriend, Ashlin, who is also featured on the show and who claims to be madly in love with him. The clueless young woman met Lo when he already had 10 children and is actually a year younger than his oldest child. My guess is that she, too, will soon make her shameful announcement of a bun in the oven so that Lo will have an even dozen.




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Nov 16, 2011
I saw about two minutes of the preview last week, but couldn't stomach it.

Yet it's not that surprising. The man is a millionaire and at least representative of a cultural icon. Really, those women are just related to his demographic.

I doubt I'd enjoy such a program; but for strange reasons there are tons of people who would.


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Nov 14, 2012
Cleveland, Ohio
Once again something considered entertainment, degrading black people. I understand that there are situations like these but subconsciously someone watching may associate this with all black men and women, not just the having that many kids, but in all aspects of the programing. I know a man with 12 kids from home but honestly I know waaaay more Men working, in school, with no kids and that is a fact I choose to hold on to.
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