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Oct 21, 2008
Today i decided that this would be a great topic of discussion. We have spoken of many different techniques throughout this site and they are scattered among different threads. I think its time for all of these techniques to be combined into one Powerful thread.
I'm talking about the scrying techniques, any meditation techniques, games or activities that we can involve friends and family in, ect. In one thread, i believe MetaScience talked about a game where one friend speaks a word into a glass of water, and the other friend has to look into the water or meditate on it to retrieve the word that was spoken into it.

Here is another that i just read today from this site:

(((We program our own signs into the matrix to remind ourselves of what we truly are. The quickest way to understand our multi-dimensional realities is to literally “draw them up”- name them and call out to them. Mirror scrying can be used to see our selves.

A simple technique is to shut the monitor off, the screen is black- and place a small candle at a safe distance away from the screen when the room is dark. Look at your reflection in the screen and simply ask your self to be revealed. You might see your reflection completely disappear, and another image will emerge.))))

I think this thread will be great if all these techniques that pertain were gathered together in one thread. I know there are many more that i have read from this site but i couldn't find what thread they were in.

And there was another were one friend puts an item in a random location in a room, and the other has to imagine where he/she put it.

I didn't know what category to put this thread in by the way.


Dec 3, 2007
everywhere and nowhere
to seek truth
all u need for mine is a heart

If you don't understand that count i gave u


it's an expression of divine love and submission between the female and male elements of the universe

it's not a secret or a code that anyone has to break.

a perfect idea of divinity and love above

and a perfect manifestation of divine love below

could of all been perfected but oh no

u can't use it with any intent that is tarnished because if ur intent is to use it against someone it will turn on u

u speak it and feel it and that's what creates it, but this level is only for the chosen(good in heart naturally, undiluted with material characteristices.. like fear, anger, jealousy, rage, liers, fakers, users.. u know what i mean)

u can light a candle for scott and pac and yak and jay (rip fam)


Reniassance Man

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Oct 21, 2008
Sorry im alittle slow. So your saying that we should recite these numbers with a lit candle and be sure to keep positive intentions?

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Jun 21, 2009
Breathing Practice Program.

There is going to be a Galactic alignment in 2012. This will transmit and give us a lot of energy. If we are in tune we will absorb all of it through our melanin, and the various glands of our body. The effects will be DNA unlocking, gland growth, chakra unlocking, and many other things. But in order to get ready for it, you have to become as virtuous as possible, pure in heart and mind, like the Prophet Noble Drew Ali taught, and you must study self. You can also eat healthy to augment this transformation. Also you can meditate to get ready.

We can survive without food for like a month, without out water for like a week, but we can only survive a few minutes without oxygen. So oxygen is really important; our brain needs it [our brains alone need 20 times more oxygen than the rest of the body], and it destroys toxins in our blood and body. Therefore breathing, deep breathing more specifically is important.

The following quote is by a Moorish brother named Dr. Alim Bey. I added a little information but it is primarily his quotation. This is from an interview he did on blogtalkradio. Look up, "Dr. Alim El Bey" on blogtalkradio. com to get the whole interview, it's 4 hours long, two parts. He speaks about what will happen in 2012, Obama, Moors, Meditation, Astrology, and many other topics.

"The average person breathes at 18 breaths a minute. If you breathe at 18 breaths a minute for a 24 hour period, you will have breathed 25,920 breaths. These 25,920 breaths are equivalent to the Sun traveling through the 12 zodiacs, or constellations in space, every 25,920 years. This is equal to a great year. [The Mayan/Olmec calendar states this last great year will end on Dec. 21st 2012, and there will be a transition into a new great year. Elijah Muhammad in "The Message to the Blackman," refers to it as our ancestors writing the history of the next 25,000 years, every 25,000 years.] So we have to slow the breath down. A person who concentrates and reads a book, their breath automatically slows down to 9 breaths a minute. At that point your focus and concentration increases, dramatically. And your memory begins to become greater. It's at 7.5 breaths, however, that the memory becomes so great, that you actually begin to go into what is called, photographic memory. And also accessing what is called, the Akashic Records, which is the universal library [a record of everything in the universe, past, present, and future, physical and metaphysical.]. Also at 7.5 breaths a minute you would be able to tap into intrapersonal consciousness, and if you breathe that breath for 12 minutes you will be able to tap into the muscles and tissues, and heal them at that level."

The type of breath is also important when meditating. I am a novice when it comes to meditation so I don't know the various methods of breath, but I do know the basic "complete breath," which can bring you to a certain point.

The following was taken from "The Science of Breath," Yogi Ramasharaka

The following is a description of the Yogi "Complete Breath." This is the breath that must be done for this specific exercise.

"The following simple exercise will give you a clear idea of what the Complete Breath is:

Stand or sit erect. Breathing through the nostrils, inhale steadily, first filling the lower part of the lungs, which is accomplished by bringing into play the diaphragm, which descending exerts a gentle pressure on the abdominal organs, pushing forward the front walls of the abdomen. Then fill the middle part of the lungs, pushing out the lower ribs, breastbone and chest. Then fill the higher portion of the lungs, protruding the upper chest, thus lifting the chest, including the upper six or sever. pairs of ribs. In the final movement, the lower part of the abdomen will be slightly drawn in, which movement gives the lungs a support and also helps to fill the highest part of the lungs. At first reading it may appear that this breath consists of three distinct movements. This, however, is not the correct idea. The inhalation is continuous, the entire chest cavity from the lowered diaphragm to the highest point of the chest in the region of the collarbone, being expanded with a uniform movement. Avoid a jerky series of inhalations, and strive to attain a steady continuous action. Practice will soon overcome the tendency to divide the inhalation into three movements, and will result in a uniform continuous breath. You will be able to complete the inhalation in a couple of seconds after a little practice.

Retain the breath a few seconds.

Exhale quite slowly, holding the chest in a firm position, and drawing the abdomen in a little and lifting it upward slowly as the air leaves the lungs. When the air is entirely exhaled, relax the chest and abdomen. A little practice will render this part of the exercise easy, and the movement once acquired will be afterwards performed almost automatically. It will be seen that by this method of breathing all parts of the respiratory apparatus is brought into action, and all parts of the lungs, including the most remote air cells, are exercised. The chest cavity is expanded in all directions. You will also notice that the Complete Breath is really a combination of Low, Mid and High Breaths, succeeding each other rapidly in the order given, in such a manner as to form one uniform, continuous, complete breath.

You will find it quite a help to you if you will practice this breath before a large mirror, placing the hands lightly over the abdomen so that you may feel the movements. At the end of the inhalation, it is well to occasionally slightly elevate the shoulders, thus raising the collarbone and allowing the air to pass freely into the small upper lobe of the right lung, which place is sometimes the breeding place of tuberculosis.

At the beginning of practice, you may have more or less trouble in acquiring the Complete Breath, but a little practice will make perfect, and when you have once acquired it you will never willingly return to the old methods."

In order to progressively get to the levels of consciousness that Dr. Alim Bey mentioned, I created a regiment to apply. I have already seen results. To get more information on breathing, you can check out "The Science of Breath," on google books. It can be downloaded for free. And you can also pick up the Science of Meditation by Torkom Saraydarian.

On the first day you start, breathe in deeply using the complete breath, like it says above, for 5 seconds [1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, etc.]. Then once the breath is in, hold it for 1 second, then exhale for a count of 5 seconds. Do this 6 times [equaling a duration of 1 minute.] Then you can stop. While doing this focus only on your breath and don't let any other thoughts come into your mind. For 7 days you are going to do the 1 minute breathing exercise, but on the 7th day, after a complete cycle, you are going to add 2 minutes each week. So if you start on Friday, and you do 1 minute a day until Thursday, on the next Friday you do 3 minutes of conscious breathing. Then for that whole week you do 3 min., and then when another Friday comes around, you do 5 min. etc. And upon reaching 7 weeks you add another minute. Every 7 weeks you add a minute to the added weekly minutes. I made an outline detailing it for better comprehension. Eventually, when you reach 60 minutes of breathing at 6 breaths a minute [a count of 5 inhaling and a count of 5 exhaling] you can increase the amount of seconds you inhale and exhale. So instead of a 5 count inhale and exhale you can move to a 6 count, 7 count, 8 count, etc. in order to unlock even higher levels, with the goal being around 30 seconds inhaling, 30 seconds exhaling, or one breath a minute. Again the method is slow and steady, but it is constant so that your body gets used to it and it becomes habitual so you don't fall off. Also I used the divine numbers of 1 and 7 while calculating and planning it mathematically. This meditation will help us get ready for 2012, improve our health, reduce stress and increase our lifespan.

1. First week ___________1-minute breath everyday
2. 2nd week _______3-minute breath everyday
3. 7 days later________5-minute breath everyday
4. 7 days later________7-minute breath everyday
5. 7 days later________9-minute breath everyday
6. 7 days later________11-minute breath everyday
7. 7 days later________14-minute breath everyday
8. 7 days later________17-minute breath everyday
9. 7 days later________20-minute breath everyday
10. 7 days later________23-minute breath everyday
11. 7 days later________26-minute breath everyday
12. 7 days later________29-minute breath everyday
13. 7 days later________32-minute breath everyday
14. 7 days later________36-minute breath everyday
15. 7 days later________40-minute breath everyday
16. 7 days later________44-minute breath everyday
17. 7 days later________48-minute breath everyday
18. 7 days later________52-minute breath everyday
19. 7 days later________56-minute breath everyday
20. 7 days later________60-minute breath everyday

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Jun 21, 2009
Cleansing Second Hand Furniture and Jewlery

Copyright: By Nita Hickok (c) 2009

People today are buying more used items. Antiques have always been loved by others who have the money to purchase and add them to their home. No one who purchases used clothes, furniture, jewelry and other objects thinks about the energies around the object. Estate sales can cause the ghost to follow a beloved object. Pawn shops and second hand stores have beautiful jewelry but you may pick up the grief associated with having to sell a beloved object.

Jewelry can be a real problem as even gifts can carry negative energies. I always tell everyone that it does not matter if I cleaned the jewelry before I gave it to him or her. They should cleanse every object that is second hand. It is the only way to keep negative energies out of your space.

Jewelry can be cleansed by soaking the jewelry in water and a little bit of salt. The water and salt is prayed over so the divine blesses the jewelry and cleanses it. It should be placed where the sun and the moon can purify the jewelry with their rays of energy.

Jewelry can be buried so the earth absorbs the negativity that is left in the jewelry. I suggest doing it in a pot so the jewelry can be found easily. Prayer again is used to help the blessed energies of the elements to clear the energies. Occasionally there are objects that cannot seem to be cleansed. If you have an object where the energies will not clear up and it is jewelry never wear it.

Antique vases, bowls, and other objects that have negativity can have salt placed in them where it will not harm them. The salt will absorb the negative energies, as it is sacred earth. Furniture is a little more difficult. I suggest a mixture of water and Chinese Floor Wash. There are many voodoo washes for the floor. They all have different purposes but all of them can be used as a cleansing mixture. Herb teas of protective herbs can also be used for cleansing. A weak solution should be used so it does not stain or discolor the furniture or items to be cleansed.

The cleansing should be done with prayers being said no matter what is used. Prayer energizes and removes negative energies. Spray bottles can be used to spray the objects before they are brought into the house. It means that the furniture does not carry the vibrations of its former owners. I have seen people buy a couch in a yard sale. The couple was splitting up due to arguments. The couple who bought the couch had arguments until they cleaned up the energies of the couch.

The same is true for Jewelry or any other object given as a gift. Gifts can sometimes be the same way especially if the person who gives it to another is envious, jealous, or gives it away because of bad memories. Always cleanse gifts even if they are brand new when you have someone give them to you.

I have a friend who accepted a gift from another person. The person was a High Priestess and should have told the beginner to cleanse the object. She did not and the person who received the gift asked me to see why she felt so bad when she wore it. The person had worn the ring when she was under psychic attack. It was in a shop that had been broken up by arguments and jealousy. The ring could not be cleansed.

I also had a friend that bought two beautiful jade vases from Tibet. I saw the vases and the energies were black. I asked her where she bought them and she said in an estate auction. The vases were beautiful but needed to have salt put on the inside. I would be amazed if the person did not buy them after the problems in Tibet and the original owners had died defending their home.

These are just examples but it is still a serious subject. Our homes and places we work all have energies in them. The correct energies can make everything go well so everywhere we exist is a place of happiness and abundance. The wrong energies affect everyone. Every object can absorb energies so cleansing them is a good thing to do to help yourself and the people you are around.

Herbs that are good for cleansing objects are rosemary, marjoram, thyme, dill, basil, and lavender. All of these may be made into a tea. Crystals that clear objects of negative energies are Selenite, Blue Kyanite, Citrine, and Black Tourmaline. All of these crystals absorb energies. Certain Flower essences are good for purifying the energies of objects. The list of things that can be used to cleanse energies can be endless.

All prayers should mention or have the person saying the prayers focused on cleansing and blessing the object and everywhere it is present. Every religion or practice has prayers that will do this. Psalms can be used for Christianity for example. Mantras for Hindu energies and the list can go on. The important thing is to use the prayers you believe in that are attuned to the divine aspect that you worship.

One word of caution never accepts or keep gifts from people who you know want to harm you. I have had a number of cases where the person had to get rid of gifts given her by others who cursed her. Objects can be used as a focal point, which is why ghosts can follow a beloved object, spirits can inhabit objects, and accepting gifts has caused much grief.

If you do not want to be rude cleanse the object and then give it to charity. It is another reason to be sure to cleanse anything you buy. Many people give away gifts that they were given by people they disliked. You can buy an object energized with ill intent and not know what is happening in your home.

All of these problems can be resolved by being careful. Cleanse the object before bringing them into your home. Bless the object to bring peace and happiness into the home or office where it is put so everyone can enjoy it. Relax and enjoy your purchases.

Copyright: By Nita Hickok (c) 2009

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Jun 21, 2009
Afrikan Orgins of the Word 'Witch'

Afrikan Orgins of the Word 'Witch'
By: Queen Mother Imakhu

Witch tradition would turn its back in such denial? Witches and witch doctors were once highly revered. Now they are considered community threats. Until the recent turn of the tide, if a child exhibited special gifts he/she was given to the tribal shaman for training to step into his honorable destiny as healer. Now misguided, misinformed parents abandon or try to kill their offspring based upon fear, superstition, and hearsay. No gifts are necessarily even shown, although that would increase the likelihood of the child's death. The witch snitching is widespread across the continent. A friend recently spent three months as a volunteer teacher in Ghana, where he witnessed innocent animals beaten to death because they were thought to be witches. Christian colonialism has reinforced that the only true witch doctor is Jesus. This all smacks of Salem, the Crusades...

It is time for people of African descent to reclaim and understand our historical link to the witches. The terms "witch" and "wise woman" actually had their origins in ancient Kemet (Egypt's true name, meaning Land of the Blacks). Wadj (or Uadj) is a Kemetic word meaning "power, health, green, water." A wadj scepter represents a tied bundle of herbs for health and prosperity. A variant of the word is Udja (pronounced WOO-jah), where the term Ouija board is also derived from. The Mdw Ntr (hieroglyphic symbol) is believed by many to actually represent a mortar and pestle. Another variant is Ujdat (WOO-chaht), the name for the protective amulet representing the Eye of Heru, which is comprised of the protective psychic/magickal energies of Wadjet and her sister Nekehebet (who are actually Ast/Isis and her sister Neb-t Het). Wadjet (Uadjet, Uachet) is a term for a strong magickal woman who can suddenly bend energy for healing.

Much of the Yoruba language and traditions can be traced directly to Kemet. Aje (ah-JZAY) is a Yoruba term meaning witch. The Aje is an energy like Wadjet. The Aje are symbolized as birds, who lovingly, fiercely protect their witch queen Oshun. Anyone who offends Oshun must answer to the Aje, or witches. A little known Yoruba prophecy says that balance will not be
restored on the planet until the Aje have risen to their rightful places once more.

Anglo-Saxons claim the word witch came from wicca. However, an early, older variant of the word in their language was wicce, pronounced "weecha." Wicce meant a wise woman/wise man healer.

Wadjet. Weecha. Witch.

Also for the record, the Kemetic term for wise woman, "Rekhut, Rekhuit, Rekhit, Rekhat," means "skilled in words, knowledge, and craft." The Mdw Ntr (or hieroglyphics) are comprised of a mouth (Re), a placenta (kh sound like the "ch" in "chutzpah") and a bread loaf(t) indicating a female. The Rekhut was believed to have mastery of and work with the Uadj energy. Rekhut was also a name for Ast (Isis), recognized and honored today as a witch because she represents the ultimate female magickal healer. The pentagram is actually
Sepdet, the star of Ast, held within a protective shen. Quiet as it's kept, there is also a prophecy that balance will not return to the planet until Ast's star rises to it's rightful place and she is seated on her rightful throne once more. Variants of this prophecy are whispered in traditions throughout the world.

With this rich history and prophecy of hope based on the strength of witches, it is sorrowful that people have fearfully turned against the power source that will heal humanity.

Stand strong in our proud tradition.

We are the witches. We have returned.

Queen Mother Imakhu is author of THE COWRIE BLESSINGS BOOK: NU AFRAKAN WORDS OF WISDOM, which shares information about African Kemetic cultural & spiritual daily living. Her newest ebook is UNDERSTANDING KEMETIC MAGICK. Order her downloadable eBook and lectures at here.
An Elder High Priestess of the Kemetic/Metaphysical CHURCH OF THE TRUE LIVING WATERS, Imakhu has also been a practicing Nubian Wise Woman (Rekhut) for 25 years. Her lectures and music have been heard worldwide. Imakhu is also founder & CEO of AKERU MultiMedia.

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Jun 21, 2009
Kemetic Witchcraft

Kemetic Witchcraft
*Copied from Tribal Lord*

Like the witch craft of any other region, the Egyptian witch craft is based upon the country’s tradition, myth, legend, rituals, drama, poetry, song, dance, worship, magic and living in harmony with the earth. Egyptian Zodiac Wheel

The practitioners of Egyptian witch craft honor the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses including the Triple goddess of the waxing, full and waning moon and the horned god of the sun, death and animal life.

Since moon has an important place in Egyptian witch craft, therefore both men and women in city apartments, suburban backyards and country glades meet on full moons and on festival occasions to raise their energy levels and harmonize themselves with the natural forces.

Congregations in Egyptian witch craft are called temples and covens where the seekers are initiated into learning the witch craft. The repeated patterns of changing seasons have great importance in the Egyptian witch craft. Ritual and festivals evolved to celebrate these seasonal cycles more especially during the sowing and harvesting seasons.

Egyptian witch craft, therefore, has an image of the ‘Wheel of the Year’ with its eight spokes which symbolize the four agricultural and pastoral festivals and the four solar festivals commemorating seasonal solstices and equinoxes. Like the ancient Pagans and witches, Egyptian witches consider the day as beginning at sundown and ending at sundown the following day.

Egyptian witches hone their divinatory skills in the increasing starlight and moon light and as winter begins, they work with the positive aspects of the dark tides. Therefore October 31-November eve is the most auspicious period for the Egyptian witches as this, according to them, is the time when the veil that separates our world from the next is the thinnest. This period allows the dead to return to the world of living when their kith and kin welcome and feast them.

Egyptian witches perform magic at gatherings called Moon Celebrations or Esbats which coincide with the phases of the moon. Witches practice healing magic, protection, retaliation and channeling of energy to develop themselves spiritually. They create circles to work magic. The primary tool that they use to work magic is a ritual knife called a Sacred Blade or Athame. The sacred blade gets charged with energy of the owner and is used to define space such as drawing a sacred circle where the owner’s will and energy work. A bowl of water is used to symbolize the element of water and its properties: cleansing, regeneration, and emotion.

Other important tools denote the elements earth, air, fire, and water. A pentacle (a pentagram traced upon a disk, like a small dish) is often used to symbolize earth and its properties, stability, material wealth and practical affairs. Alternatively, a small dish of salt or soil can be used to symbolize the earth element.

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Jun 21, 2009
Learning Witchcraft

Learning Witchcraft
*Copied from Tribal Lord*

The first step to learn witchcraft is to study the religion itself.

You can do this by studying as many books and journals both offline and online. This will enable you to understand the basic tenets and beliefs of the witchcraft. Since witchcraft is the religion of nature, it would do you much good to directly go into the lap of nature to experience its feel, to read books from brooks and sermons in stones. Watch the flight of birds through the glorious sunrises and sunsets across the mountains and seas. Look with wonder at the earth and sky, which are the bodies of the God and Goddess. Now take a notebook and write down why you want to become a witch. How do you visualize the God and Goddess? Be honest. Later on this notebook shall become your Book of Shadows.

The next step is to explore the magic.

Magic is not a hocus pocus way of bending the laws of nature to suit your needs. The magic of the witchcraft is to raise and channel energy that is within you to bring it in harmony with the nature to achieve the desired result.

For this you need to understand the fundamental principles of

* casting circles,
* calling quarters,
* invoking God/ goddess,
* raising and directing the energies
* and finally, grounding, centering and closing the circle.

Try to understand the various phases of the moon, its waxing, growing full and waning and their effect on your moods and body.

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Jun 21, 2009
Find Your Magical Place

Everyone has a magickal place even if they don't realize it. This is a place where one feels most comfortable and believes their magic is best worked. This may be within the home, outdoors, anywhere. There are a few requirements you should keep in your mind when finding your magical place:

1. It should be save.

2. You must be able to get privacy at some point in your place

3. You need enough room to be comfortable and to move around in.

First you need to begin surveying your choices of spots. You may know instantly or it may take a while. Some people are able to do it right off.

Once you find our place, you should begin to prepare it for magick. You'll need a plac to store magical supplies. If your spot is indoors, this is easy. A box under bed or in a closet will serve nicely as a supply keeper.

If your place is outdoors this is more a drawback since finding storage may be difficult, but not impossible!

Take a plastic container such as tupperware container just large enough for your items that you need at hand. Dig a hold near your magical place deep and wide enough to set the container in. Fill in te area around it and put the lid on top of the container. Now conceal the lid but covering with a layer of soil, sod, or even a potted plant as long as you can easily move the concealer to reach your items. If you can luckily find a stepping stone near your magickal area you could just place it over the storage area instead of the lid, whenever you need to used them. Its just more convenient to have your storage space handy.

Things you might keep in your storage space:

)Candle holders
)Incense sticks or cones
)Empty dish
)Jars or bags of herbs
)Written magic, books, and/or a book of shadows
)Stones and/or crystals.

These items will be readily available when you are ready to use them.

Next it's time to cleanse away any negative energies in your magickal area. Light a white candle and cast your circle. TAke a broom and sweep the area, visualizing a cleansing white light flowing from your hands down throug the handle and out onto the floor.

When you feel the negative energies have been "swept" away, sprinkle sea salt around the area, if you so choose you may also ligt a stick of sandlewood incense.

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