Support : Technical Difficulties of Late

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Peace and Blessings Family,

The issues we're having are beyond me ... :thinking:

I'm scouring my brain and everything i can find to get us past this, but nothing has worked as of yet.

I'm opening the forum up now, to see if anything i've done in the past few minutes will actually work.

I may have to close the forum again, with no notice, to keep us from crashing.

Just want you all to know i'm still working on this.

Thanks for your patience.

Love You!



Clyde C Coger Jr

Well-Known Member
Nov 17, 2006
I think i've solved the problem!!!

ssshhhhhhhh ... don't anyone jiggle the toilet handle too roughly ... :eeek:

let's tiptoe around and see what happens ... :missu:




1 minute ago - Clyde Coger: For Sister Destee ... :massage: ... And :wine:


Well-Known Member
Feb 26, 2013
If anything's still wrong, and if you haven't already, you could check into the ads on site to see if they're the cause of the problems. I'm not the smartest in the technical field, but I do know ads can be a major problem in sites crashing and passing or picking up viruses. Youtube, awhile back, gave me a virus from an ad I didn't even click on. The "coding" or something or other was messed up, and so it was causing the video to lag (at least for me) and a virus to be spread. Others had said they had problems with ads in this manner also. So, like I said, that could be the source of the troubles. Not sure what you'd have to do to actually fix it though, lol, but hope this helps even still.

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