Black Education / Schools : Teacher Throws 6-Year-Old Student's Shoes in the Trash


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Jan 20, 2015

Six-year-old Taraji Edwards of Simpsonville, South Carolina, is the innocent victim of yet another teacher creating a teachable moment for themselves on how to be a total idiot monster in the classroom.

WSPA7 reports that Taraji’s mother, Chartrese Edwards, realized something weird was going on at school when her daughter broke down crying after being told to put on her sandals. Then it came out that Taraji had been consistently messing with her sandal strap in class. Her teacher disciplined her for this action by making her take them off and throw them in the trash.

  1. A Teacher Threw This Little Girl's Shoes In The Trash to Teach Us ... - 794k - Cached - Similar pages
    Sep 1, 2016 ... Six-year-old Taraji Edwards of Simpsonville, South Carolina, is the innocent victim of yet another teacher creating a teachable moment for ...


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Mar 1, 2010
This is so retarded it's mind boggling. I'm not on the side of the teacher because throwing shoes in the trash was not a good thing. But nobody is addressing the fact that the teacher (probably a woman) asked the child 8 TIMES to stop playing with the shoes lol

SMH this is not even a story. Yea the teacher was wrong but their han was forced by the child not paying attention.
I guess nobody has a problem with this because even if the girl never learns anything,when she gets older at least the strip club is hiring unless she becomes 300lbs. Then what? lol

They say the child is an innocent victim? 8 TIMES! lol

The teachable moment is little girl you need to pay attention. You need to learn like we all did. This is helping you little girl, not the teacher.

So the little girl's family is starting a gofundme page they can send the girl to private school? Why so the little girl can play with her sandals in a uniform now?


Like I said retarded.


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Jan 20, 2015
IMO, The teacher behaved like a child. What she did was as childish as the 6 year old playing with her straps.

Throwing somebody's shoes in the trash. Silly Rabbit.

A GAW who can't correctly discipline a 6 year old might want to change professions.

The mother should have meet with the teacher and threw her shoes in the trash.
Starting a gofundme page for her child is a retarded idea. Start a gofund me page so all our kids can go to private school.

Lunar Cycle

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Jul 16, 2017
This will become a "REAL" story if the sandals remained in the trash permanently and this child had to leave the school property and arrive in the protection of her home in her bare feet. That is a crime and it's called "Endangering The welfare of a Child".

South Carolina State Statute: Code: 56-5-2947

Edit: I see the child was made to retrieve her sandals out of a garbage bin which is a health risk in itself but the crime still stands as the child was made to walk on a floor barefoot being exposed to the inherent dangers of walking in public with her feet not being properly protected by her footwear. Thank GOD this child was not a Type 1 Diabetic or worst, on blood thinners and cut her feet.


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Mar 1, 2010
IMO, The teacher behaved like a child.

The teacher gets NO points from me. I'm just taking into account she did ask girl to stop 8 times? Does that mean anything to anybody?

IFE have you ever asked your children 8 times to stop doing something? What happened? Did your parents ask you to stop something 8 times?

My mother asked me to stop things twice. The third time she had to ask would include pain so i learned to quit after 2 lol

You and I both sat in class at six years old IFE, but i doubt a teacher had to ask you 8 times to quit something. I gave a teacher a hard time once in 5th grade and my mom gave me one and there where no problems after that.

With that said the teacher should not have thrown the sandals in the trash that was real stupid.
I'm just saying asking the kid to stop 8 times led up to the teacher stupid decision.

Case and point if the child stopped after being told 2 times there would be no story to tell.

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