Law Forum : Tavis Smiley Suspended - Sexual Misconduct Investigation

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Tavis Smiley Responds to PBS Suspension of Talk Show After Misconduct Allegations

Tavis Smiley, whose nightly talk show was pulled by PBS, its distributor.CreditRich Fury/Invision, via Associated Press
By Matthew Haag

Dec. 13, 2017



Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Very strange. One could wonder if this is the blowback for the Obama thing with Tom Joyner?

yeah ... maybe him and Russell Simmons can go half on a baby ... :baby: ...

duh at me ... :look: ... i mean half on a lawyer to prove their innocence ... :court:

Russell Simmons: I will 'defend' myself following rape claims
Associated Press

Russell Simmons speaks at a news conference along with members of Justice League NYC to present a list of demands at City Hall in New York December 10, 2014. (REUTERS )




#russellsimmons - #tavissmiley - #innocentuntilprovenguilty

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
That's a good one Miss Destee. But If this mass hysteria continues at the rate it is, every man on Earth will need lawyers, that's not good for our population growth. Wanna contribute to my GoFundMe Page? Cash only, no credit cards, debit cards, checks or bitcoins, no receipts either. Sorry. lol,

I don't think it is mass hysteria.

Be always ready to defend yourself.

Which is not new for black men (or women).




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Jul 12, 2015
atlanta ga
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I'm really shocked. I use to love me some Tavis until President Obama came along. I could not stand the way Tavis talked about him so I had to cut him loose. I love the appearance of intelligence and Tavis was that for me. I wouldn't put it past a person in a powerful position to take advantage of that position however. It's a new bunch every week. I always suspected certain people, especially music producers would fall on that list. I think the flood gates have been opened and it will be some time before it ends. Puffies of the world better get to paying some folks off if you haven't already.

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