Black People : Tales From The Hood


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
Writing pages of my life constantly like a robbery about to go down on my soul exiting the scene zipping quickly grim reaper stalking pleasingly laughing insanely unreal ninja wake up i be trying to wake on the real trip as if somebody is on my chest compressing me up like a packaged peppered saran wrapped picture...always on the alert cause crime pays on both sides of the house when committees plan human resource laws unsuspectingly is art of war yet i'm stuck on art of peace totally encompassed working on a circle of thirteen sages who are down to write wise quotes into one book chapter by chapter worldwide any place anytime from emails to snail mailing paranoid about not waking back up knowing i haven't did my truly best by voodoo basics practicing to be a good character believing in your script written sown reap with the power of the pen local righteousness gets to come out in realtime like the ghetto two eleven is the four one one twenty four seven three sixty five i'm on the move knowing the enemy is fleshless cause one of them tried me just the other day almost killed me if my bike didn't sacrifice itself my skull and chest would have been crushed i got away with minor scars limping away as my homie arrived like what happened and the driver swear he didn't see me but i saw him and his truck revved up coming my way with two hands on the wheel gripping it firmly with thumbs pressed inward dayum I'm about to die the wrong way i said to myself...he almost got away with it but i got his address and workplace location looking like casper crossed with a pig and if he don't pay up then i'm taking a trip mobbing deeper than ever to his side of town cause i ain't taking no more shorts or losses is my better focus.

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