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Feb 19, 2001
I live an isolated life by design and pretty happy with the for some reason I feel the need to get out and about. Hmmmm, could it be the governor of my state has put a lock down order in place. Well dam! Why do I want to go out now?
Called a friend in NYC a couple nights ago........she's now an essential worker in Queens and the Bronx. Says traffic is almost nonexistent and finding a parking place is easy. We kept talking past both her and my real worries. I think it was all good. Too much left unsaid though..........
Had this odd thought for the last few days; if we're all going to get this thing going round wouldn't it be better to get it earlier while there are still beds and needed help is available than later when resources are stretched so thin to be nonexistent for 90% of us?
Ugh, what buzz kill.

Now they saying maybe we should be wearing faces masks if for nothing else than to somewhat contain our own germs (we could all be virtual typhoid Mary's) while out in public. Who they trying to fool!!!??? It's not like it's dangerous enough for a black face in America in the best of times now they want me to wear a mask while I walk into a bank or drug store!!!!!!!
Excuse me while I flip them the bird.

Yeah. When they shut down the bars, suddenly I wanted a drink. I've gone thru my phonebook and contacted people I haven't talked to in a year. No more grudges. They were happy to hear from me. All is forgiven, for now anyways. lol

Just keep your hands up or go thru the drive thru

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Thanks for the Blessing! Love You! :kiss:
Making sure I do more than I did yesterday. Progress is the Concept.
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Welcome Back Sister!!
Love and Blessings!!
Hey Sister Destee just logged in to say Love you and miss you much! Hope you are well.
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Hi Sweetie Pie Honey Bunch!!!! :love: ... it's good to see you! I hope you and yours are all well and staying safe. I Love You! :kiss: