Black Poetry : Tale of the Invisble Crown


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Oct 13, 2001
Black in my Mind
Full Time Working On Self
Once upon this time
In a galaxy
Just off some city's Martin Luther King Blvd
There lived a not so lil girl
Who hadn't discovered her Black Girl Magic
She was was an Aladdin's lamp
Their were three blind mice
DayDay or Manny or Killer B
Rats anyway
They rubbed on her
She the genie
Answering their unlimited wishes by text messages
Craig list personals
Little boys who pretend to be men play games
They slanged rocks for fun
The ripples could be seen skipping for blocks and blocks
One day
The little girl looked into a magic mirror and saw her reflection
She could see her crown
She smiled and was pleased
I'll tell everyone
I'll show everyone
Everyone will see that I am royal
So she told her mother
"Mommy do you see? My crown? Do you see it?"
Her mother replied
"I see your trifling *** ain't cleaned my house. That's what I see."
She went to her supposedly BFF
Who stayed in the next project village
"Hey Gurl I got this crown on. Do you see it?"
The BFF replied
"Oh, you think you better than me?"
She didn't know that the girl brought her magic mirror to show her BFF how to see her own crown
She told Day Day
Or was it Manny?
I know it wasnt Killer B
Cuz he was caught in the poppy fields and they locked him in the San Quentin towers
She told them
"Do you see me? My crown? Do you see it?"
They replied
"Yea ***** I see that ****. I see that **** can get me paid"
So she traded her crown for Synthetic hair
Beauty Supply counter make up
Camel toe spandex
3-4 inch pavement pushers
Concrete Brick road was no ease on down for her
She kissed tadpoles and beasts
Beauty fading
She had fallen down the rabbit hole
Tricks replacing her Black Girl Magic
The Wiz nor Fairy Godmother could save her
She didn't believe
Besides how can dreams come true if you dont have any dream to begin with
This has no happily ever after ending
Her crown was always there
Invisible if you don't know it's power
Invisible if you don't know yourself the alchemy
She had bitten the poisonous apple to the core
This has no happily ever after ending
Red RidingHood never makes it out the woods
Too many wolves desiring her basket full
Goldilocs got too comfortable
Sleeping in strangers beds
This has no happily ever after ending
Just one last act for the finale
Magic mirror cracked
No seven year bad luck to worry
She like her invisible crown has disappered for ever
There isn't any Prince Charming coming to get her
Feet too swollen to fit glass slippers
Everyone could see it coming
This has no happily ever after ending
The End


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Jan 28, 2001
the near north
you gotta respect yourself. you gotta know yourself. you gotta love yourself.
you can't let peer pressures...and negative relations pull you to the other side.
you gotta resist bad temptations, and stay on track.

you gotta be you

acknowledge your royalty...even when others try to wear you down.

*creative piece*
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