Sudan : Sudanese Court Sentences Pregnant Woman to Death for Apostasy - Nothing More than Barbarism


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Apr 5, 2014
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My opinion is pretty clear- while I believe that religion can have positive effects on individual persons, any time you try to mix religion with the state the result is religious discrimination and intolerance, lack of personal freedom, lack of political freedoms, killing or throwing your child out of the house because he/she disagrees with your religion, and lets not talk about the position of women in this societies. I am talking about Judaism, Islam and Christianity.
Again, my opinion:it doesn't matter if this is happening in Europe, Africa, USA, or Canada.....the result will be the same.


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May 21, 2014

crucified for auspisticism on the TV show Vikings. The King pulled him off the cross before he died figuring it would be better to work with someone who speaks the native's language. The problem with the Abrahamic holy books is that they are so long. Even with the edits they say too much. You can interpret god as loving, jealous, nice, mean, strict, cool, evil, good whatever you want is there.
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