Black People : Subjects Chief Osiris will discuss in his last class on Destee 6/30/07

Goddess Auset333

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Feb 9, 2007

1. The First Way Ancestors
2. The Second Way Ancestors
3. Divine Polygamy
4. Polygamy
5. European Marriage
6. Living Common Law and its meaning
7. Sounds and Symbols

...and then some

Goddess Auset333

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Feb 9, 2007
Questions I ask of Chief Osiris in his last class 6/30/07

:SuN030: Blissfulness

If anyone have any questions for Chief Osiris during his last class on Destee, 6/30/07, please post them in this thread. Please do not allow my many questions prevent you from asking, because Chief Osiris will answer them ALL.

MY Questions are as follows:

1. What is the the difference between the first Way Cosmic Ancient Ancestors and the Second way Ancestors?

2. Was Divine Polygamy our Cosmic Ancient ancestors way of life and should we continue All of our Cosmic Ancestors ways of life?

3. What is the Difference between the Divine Polygamy and Polygamy? Which one has Harmony, Order, and Balance, and which one has jealousy, malice, envy, strife, confusion...and the likes of?

4. Do we Belong to each other, such as My Man, My Woman, and why is it so difficult for the europeanized black womb-gender refuses to accept this type of union? I am fully aware that some Polygamy union often have problems. In Divine Polygamy union there present no problems, am I correct? Why?

a. Is it easy to have a Divine Polygamy Union between the black man and womb-gender in the USA? Note: Hugh Hefner lifestyle.

b. Who could be trusted in such a Union in the USA?

c. In A Divine polygamy union, what are the sexual transmitted fears, knowing that Divine Polygamy is not all about Sex if at all.

d. Is the european marriage an illegal marriage when it comes to our Black lives?

e. I know that there is a business side in a male and womb gender union, and a male and womb gender union is not all this european Romance, which unbalances us. This is something us womb gender need to know, so that Harmony, Balance and Order will be the order in our lives. Is the Divine Polygamy union more of a business arrangement, Afrikan Family business that will protect both the fatherless children, the widowed and single mothers from others who prey on them like wolves, vampires, snakes etc..

f. Will Divine Polygamy help the Black young males by having a true Male authority in their presence who can lead and guide them, or is it better to let the young males continue the path that leads to jail/prisons...and then some?

g. Will Divine Polygamy help the young Black Womb genders who have a true male figure in her presence that will be a good role model for her when she decides to unite with a male, or should she be left out in the Wilderness for every tom, ****, and harry, workers of Iniquities gnaw, claw, kill and destroy her?

h. Will Divine Polygamy help the widower and single mothers sense security that of a big brother figure who will protect her, knowing what I know about Divine Polygamy, and it is not all about sex/flesh, if at all?

i. Is it true that the Human being mind-set can not operate in Divine Polygamy because Divine Polygamy is a self-sacrificing union, not for ourselves alone?

5. Is Divine Polygamy a unselfish, self sacrificing, not for ourselves alone union?

6. With so many of the black males and womb genders being in jails/prisons, how will Divine Polygamy help restore the black family?

7. What about the Black female having more than one black male?

8. Would you agree that Mohammad Ali practiced Polygamy by marrying the 4-5 wives he had while in USA.

9. Would you agree that Hugh Hefner is practicing Polygamy with his Play boy Bunnies?

10. If a Black man live the lifestyle Hugh Hefner is living, what would happen to the black man in the USA?

11. Would you agree that Elizabeth Taylor who was married seven times practiced Polygamy.

12. Do people have to live together same house/home to be in a Divine Polygamy/polygamy union?

13. Would you agree that when we have been with one or more womb genders/males in our lives we have already been in a polygamous union, whether it was a year, few months, between the next one entering in our lives?

14. The black male and womb genders who live in the Ghetto, and the two or three sisters, who are on welfare, who they have children by one black male, are they practicing a type of polygamy although the sisters are taking care of him financially?

15. Please explain how religion has destroyed our Black Divine Union when it comes to Divine Polygamy/Polygamy?

16. Is it the Black Womb Gender role, the first teacher, whose teaching job is not over, responsibility to establish Harmony, Balance, and Order between the sisters without all the selfishness, envy strife, malice, confusion, so that we the womb genders can rebuild our Divine Once Black Kingdom again.

17. How clueless is the black male and Womb Gender about their knowledge of Divine Spiritual Sex?

18. Please share with us about Sounds and Symbols, and how they are vital and essential in our NOW lives.

19. Please share with us about the Atlantis people and how they were able ascend above the madness.

20. What must the Black Womb gender do to bring the Black Divine family back together and what is the black male responsibility and obligation in this process?

21. Will Afrika/Black Afrikan mind-set ever be restored?

22. What does BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY mean when it comes to our Black lives?

Lead and guide us Chief Osiris. Please do not take your last breath and leave us in a unnatural, unDivine, unDivided state of existence.

Here is loving you/Afrika:SuN030:

If you understand the beginning well, the end will not trouble you.

The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people.
Ashanti of Ghana

It takes a whole village to raise a child

A Nation will rise no higher than its womb gender

The Destiny of the Womb gender: Is the Destiny of the World.

The death of an elderly man is like a burning library.

He who asks questions, cannot avoid the answers.

Sleep is the cousin of death.

He who learns, teaches.

Woman without man is like a field without seed.

Where you will sit when you are old shows where you stood in youth.



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Sep 12, 2006
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Could you shed some light about how life is when you live it

Could you shed some light about how life is when you live it as a God or Goddess, for the purpose dispelling the mis-imformation some folk have.

For example in my case 1 of it's many purposes is positive enforcements and higher standards. It constantly reminds me that there isn't anything I can't do nor anything I can't 'know'. As a God I realize there is no one better than me and as I acknowledge you all as Gods and Goddesses I'm also aware I'm no greater than them. As I acknowledge the oneness I share with others, I know what I'm not conscious of I know another part of my oneness(you) is aware of.

So I'd like to hear that perspective built on



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Whaddaya Mean his LAST Class?

What is the meaning of this???Are you guys going somewhere?

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