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Nov 2, 2016
it seems to me that many people will ask questions and get answers rather than thinking even a tiny bit. that's not me at all. frankly, i don't really like people and i'd much rather figure things out on my own rather than trying to extract info from others. and, frankly, most people are completely full of ****. superstitious peasants - grrr, anecdotal experiences should not be taken as laws of nature! can you tell i spent years as help desk tech support?

i worked a few weeks recently as a cashier at an organic produce store (normally i sell that store my heirloom tomatoes). the other cashier and a customer were having thus utterly hippy-dippy conversation about the evils of vaccinations. did i mention my grad school work in epidemiology. eventually i just couldn't stand it. i said to the customer, 'no, you are absolutely wrong, and beyond that, you are endangering others with your luddite silliness. vaccines do NOT cause autism. they are ridiculously safe. whereas measles is ridiculously deadly and untreatable. have you any idea what life was like before vaccines? children died like flies. polio, rubella, diphtheria - all of them are viral, once you get them, there's no help for you.' well, it didn't go over well. nevermind that i think organic farming is a luxury for the rich that can never feed the masses....

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