Black Poetry : Straight From The Soul, Deep (aka More Black Man Speakings)


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Apr 10, 2001
Hamlet,NC (The Middle of Nowhere)
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Why is it, that most of the time I feel
disconnected from something I’ve never known
or perhaps witnessed once, first hand
in a far off time, somewhere
in a far off land,
like peace, that had no bitter taste behind it,
or joy, that didn’t evaporate before my eyes,
or love, that saturated deep into my core
no pain, no lies,
just clear, blue African skies,
and the soothing sound of singing
instead of another mother’s cries
over dead sons and mixed-up daughters,
many nights, flickering stars stealing my concentration on sleep,
I long for a bridge over troubled waters,
it’s been said,
we, as a people, ‘grow the fruits, but eat the rind’
our past defined in a sorrowful dance—
one step forward, two behind,
until I find myself cursing circumstance…
silently screaming within
wondering when is my chance,
to shine…black and brightly,
daily radiating for my peers,
nightly, glowing as a beacon
to show that we can overcome,
reaching my highest point,
success and then some…
well, I say the time is now…
no more lying dormant in the streets,
no more looking at victory as fantasy
and reality, another defeat…
no more desecration of our women
(my inner strength/mahogany suns)
no more downplaying my worth,
revolution has begun,
and it begins with me…
and him…and the next brotha…
and the next…
until we’ve reached all of our goals,
and recognized that our regrets
were really blessings in disguise,
that made us stronger, made us wise…
no longer will we walk in blindness,
today we open our eyes…
this is what we need,
to realize
that who we are
is what makes us strong…
a brotherhood,
each one connected,
no battles fought alone…
and we have the most beautiful,
all our Queens as our backbones….
we will stand
We will stand
and understand
that yesterday….today…tomorrow…
our reward of inner peace will vindicate our struggles,
our joy, eradicating our sorrow


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Feb 18, 2002
not much i can say cause you left me speechless after this one

i am just about to leave work and decided to drop in here and see what was new before i left and i'm glad i found this

great poem
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