Black People : STOLEN LEGACY!!! {A Black Woman} is the Author of the "MATRIX" Movie


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Sep 11, 2003
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Hollywood, CA.

News releases concerning Vandor Music Group’s signing of two new production agencies and labels to their current 400-plus roster have ignited a media firestorm over a dispute of ownership of the original script of the film “Matrix” and it’s subsequent releases.

On April 24, 2003, Vandor affiliate Sophia Stewart, Salt Lake City, UT, filed a federal lawsuit in the United States District Court of California against Hollywood defendants Andy and Larry Wachowski, Joel Silver and Warner Brothers alleging copyright infringement of the movie "Matrix", all subsequent releases, and racketeering.
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During an FBI investigation, key pieces of evidence were found establishing Sophia Stewart as writer/author of “Matrix”. Credible witnesses employed at Warner Brothers have come forward claiming company executives and lawyers had full knowledge the work in question did not belong to the Wachowski brothers. Witnesses also stated the original work of Stewart had been seen, and often used, during preparation of the motion picture.

Stewart submitted her original script through so-called ‘recommended’ channels several years prior to the Wachowski brother’s claim to authorship. Revenues from the motion pictures and merchandising are in the hundreds of millions of dollars and growing.

Stewart’s entertainment company “All Eyez on Me, Inc.” and Pop Silk Records have been contracted with Vandor Motion Pictures, Phonorecords and Music Publishing Group ( as a production facility offering world wide promotion, licensing and distribution for the label since January 1st, 2003.

Vandor Motion Pictures, Phonorecords and Music Publishing Group, founded in 1958, has built a 45-Year reputation on independent product, artists, labels, publishers and producers. The company site - - has been on-line for seven years and logged well over 10,000,000 hits and site downloads making it the number one source of accurate recorded music industry information in the world.

Cut and paste the Link below to hear an audio/radio interview by Bro. Gary Imhotep of Sister Sophia Stewart...


The Multi-Billion Dollar Franchise “The Matrix” was stolen from the Creative Work of A Black Woman, :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:Sister Sophia Stewart
Her Intellectual Property entitled “The Third Eye” was plagiarized & modified to produce the Sci-Fi Phenomena Matrix Series…

The Implications & Ramifications of this Crime is truly Astonishing—
Indeed Industry Shaking Revolutionary Consequences lie in wait…

I Talk with the Sis. Sophia on tha Daily...
She is a very Spiritual, Intelligent, Educated {she has multiple Degrees} and Confident Woman.

She has been fighting this copy write infringement since 3/1999...
They {Warner Bros/ Wachoski’s & Associates} initially offered her a couple 100K to forget about it... of course she rejected that insult...

Sis. Sophia said, she has had some difficulty retaining council in that some attorneys were a afraid to tackle Hollywood’s big Guns; however she said, Johnny Cochran called her a few days B4 X-mas inquiring about her case...& I’ve hooked her up with Bro. Jamaa Fanaka Director & Producer of the “PENITENTIARY” series {with Leon Isaac Kennedy} Street Wars, Soul Vengeance Etc.
Elder Bro. Jamaa has filed a 7 Billion Dollar Class Action suite on Behalf of every Black Man & Woman involved in the television movie making industry, citing Institutionalized Racist Practices…
He & She should make great allies …

Yet the *Devils* have managed to keep her case out of the dominant media & from the Public at large...

From what she has shown me it's a clear victory for her…
Nonetheless we are all aware that Justice is rarely if ever served in AmeriKKKaz courts…

:wave: :jumping: :luvv: Sis. Sopia Stewart Needs Our Support... :luvv: :jumping: :wave:

:blob fire: Spread tha Word to Everyone You Meet! :blob fire:
:blob fire: Post it on All Media Forums!! :blob fire:
:blob fire: Alert All Black News Media & Outlets!!!:blob fire:

:angel1: :geek: Generate a Tidal Wave of Awareness of this Fight …
:bazooka: :uzi: :flamet:

:nono: :nono: :nono: It is Impossible for ‘Them’ to get away with murder When the Whole World is Watching… :nono: :nono: :nono:

:love: :love: :love: Let Us Surround our Sister with Our Thoughts, Energies, Efforts & Love… :love: :love: :love:

Her Victory is Our Victory!!!

Mawelulu Onwuku

Jan 22, 2001
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Thank You Brother Mawelulu for sharing this with us.

Enough has been stoled and never returned.

Her Victory is Our Victory!




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Aug 16, 2003
Brooklyn NYC (NuYoRico)
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you know... this some BULL-SHYYYYYYYYYYYY... but, I am really not surprised. Hollywood is a MONSTER when it comes to copyright infringements and crap like this. I really hope she gets that 440 milllion dollaz. I am glad they dropped dime on these two cats. It makes sense now... the other two movies sucked beacuse it wasn't their original work.

I believe she will prevail in this fight... truth always wins out.

This reminds me of a film that a friend of mine wrote back in the mid-90's and it was supposedly going to be made... they talked about it and everything with the Directors... the Hudlin Brothers-produced "Ride" which was written by Anissa Davis and was HER film. It was originally titled "I-95" and was about HER experiences on a bus ride from NY to Florida to a Wrecks and Effects video. She worked as Office Coordinator for Fat Film Productions who did the videos for Salt n' Pepa, Kid n Play, etc. After the company folded her boss moves to L.A. and continues to "discuss" helping Anissa make her movie. After all the talking over the phone and the initial scripts, the director Millicent Shelton stops calling. Suddenly, my friend opens up the "Hollywood Reporter" and notices the film is in production with the Hudlin Brothers. We gasped, but NOT surprised. I remember that snake asking me about MY own film and something in me felt like: "No, don't discuss **** wit her". Another cat in the office told me that she was supposedly wanting to "help him" with his script. He turned her down, of course. But, Anissa got caught up in the web and lost out. When you are not the author of something, you are disconnected with it. Just as the Matrix sequels, you cannot reproduce what you did not create. Sista Stewart was right. Anissa's script got made according to Millicent's ideas of good screenwriting and it FLOPPED. :laugh: Serves her right for having stole it to begin with.

This stuff really incenses me. I hate to see hard working writers get "RAPED".


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Sep 4, 2003
I read this and I became so angry the inside of my chest became hot.

I've always felt it in my gut that this work belonged to someone else.

The 'Matrix' films are my favourite mainstream movies in fact the only mainstream movies I've watched in recent years....apart from 'Lord of the Rings' which irritated me no end [is Spike considered mainstream?]

I knew it!

More reason for a black public sponsored pro-black oriented broadcasting network [predominately visual but branching elsewhere [cd, books, tapes etc...maybe even repesenting black writers in addition to using them for their writing talent] that would grab a story like this by the teeth and would not let go, hanging on incessantly till justice is served.



Mar 26, 2003
yeah i knew something was up....notice how the 1st matrix was way better then the second and third...the concept behind the movie was off the hook...but they (hollywood) could not maintain the folks get no props in holloywood in terms of sci-fi...i hope this opens up a flood gate of black creativity on da silver screen...thank you brother for sharing this information...i shall do the same...
one love
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