Law Forum : States Are Quietly Resurrecting a Law That Makes It Easier to Kill Blacks

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Nov 26, 2016
Well, if you are really concerned about black homicides, you would know that the biggest threat to black males is other black males. This depressing fact is documented every single day in the streets of Chicago, Baltimore, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Newark,
Oakland, Mobile, Little Rock, etc, etc. I understand the concern for unwarranted shootings of black men by the police. I got that. But what I don't understand is all the uber hysteria, ranting and paranoic theatrics when when a BM is killed by a non-BM while over 90 percent of the deaths by homicides of BM is by other BM! WTF??!! The leading cause of death for black males between the ages of 18-35 is homicide! Guess which racial demographic is responsible for that number one distinction? Hint: It's not Japanese females!
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