Black Money Business Jobs : Started an game app business and looking for exposure.


Dec 4, 2017
Hi everyone. I'm a current former energy engineer who's looking to grow an app business. I try to expose to the world to some of the feelings I felt growing up in northeast Houston. My apps will always be rated for and enjoyable for young and old.

I've created two apps so far, but I'm currently trying to promote "Double Dutch Dog" as I feel it has more potential for rapid growth.

If you have an Android phone/tablet, please check out "Double Dutch Dog" in the Google play store. An apple version will be released in the near future. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone.


Dec 4, 2017
I just went on Google Play Store to check out your Double Dutch Dog App. You have 2 five star reviews, only problem is there are no reviews listed, only the graphic. Any way to pull up these two reviews? Also are these reviews posted on the Google App particular to your app or have they been approved and posted through Google Independently? Thanks in advance.

I presume they were posted though Google play. Since it's so easy to just click the stars to review, I'm assuming, that's what the reviewers did.

There have been several revisions since those reviews. A lot of people just play and don't review at all, sadly. Since I'm posting here if you'd like for me to change anything within the app for better enjoyment, please let me know. Thanks


Dec 4, 2017
I clicked the review stars on PC's, laptops, tablets and smartphones and nothing happened. It appears to be just a graphic. Also there is no icon in The Google App Store to enable anyone to post their own reviews and comments. I saw the updates on your forum though. If I could read the two existing reviews I'd be glad to beta test your app and post a comment.

I'm not sure why there is no written review option currently for "Double Dutch Dog". I'll search through the developers console for a solution. I really appreciate your efforts to check out the app and hope that you enjoy it once you have a chance to play-around with it. Thanks.


Dec 4, 2017
Not to worry, the Google review is their format. I called one of my nieces and she downloaded it onto her smartphone GOD forbid a 9 year old who doesn't work couldn't exist without one. I'll tell you what she thinks.

Great, the success of a free app is heavily based on the download count, so the more people I can get to enjoy my work the better. Thanks for your time and inquiries, I'm really hoping she enjoys it.


Well-Known Member
Aug 7, 2018
Are you going any social media advertising? We see plenty of video game apps being promoted on Instagram. Also you can advertise your app on other popular apps as well. For example we ran a $5/per day ad on Instagram. We had 50 followers. By the end of the ad we were at 220 followers with solid engagement. We hope this helps with your marketing endeavors.

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