Black People Politics : Staged Freedom, Gimmicks & Parallels: 5 Arguments Showing How Blacks Are Sill Slaves


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Aug 21, 2012

Before anyone rushes to envelope themselves into their feelings, allow me to qualify my position. I ask that you hear me out then make your considerations based on my arguments and the evidence to be presented and not on your initial feelings and emotions.

Please make a note that I'm mainly focused on slaves in the U.S., but the same position may apply to those throughout the diaspora.

A few preliminaries before we get started. Let me see if I can get you to agree with me regarding a couple of questions, and, if so, then one can still protest but you'll come to concur that at least you should allow me to lay my foundation for this thesis. If any of the following two questions are in the negative, then this thesis is moot and illogical. But if the following questions are true, then walk with me as we demonstrate the theme.


(1) Is it not true that black people were slaves in times past on American soil from circa 1619?
[C H E C K]

(2) Isn't it also true that on January 1, 1863 those blacks who were considered slaves at the time were, by a "proclamation", given their "freedom" by Republican President Abraham Lincoln?
[C H E C K]

Now think about this. We agree that we were once slaves, right? Is there anyone here reading these words who would disagree with premise (1)?

There's no doubt about that we were once considered slaves. OK. We know it because we read about it and because of our family members connections and oral transmissions and of the overflow of historical records on that issue.

Blacks were once considered slaves....period.

We also agree that later in our enslavement, the 16th President of the United States proclaimed our freedom a little over half way into the 19th century, right? Agreed.

Ok, so watch this: My position is to throw doubt on and disprove premise (2). I'm saying that we never received "freedom." I'm saying it was a gimmick and what we see as evidences of freedom are simply stage props carefully designed to move our thoughts away from the realities and keep us on stage...acting, as it were, like we're free. So no one can really get mad and see blacks being called a slave as a pejorative within the context of this analysis because we already agreed that we were once upon a time slaves (1) and then eventually "freed" (2); I'm just simply about to point out that the slaves who were slaves still are not free.

Therefore, me calling us, black people slaves, is not a criticism, but a fact--at least historically-- and what's up for discussion is: Are we American citizens or are we still slaves acting like American citizens?

So the way it can be understood should there by any post-premises protests is that they don't wanna examine the evidence which can demonstrate there was never freedom for us black slaves.

Let's chop it up. :research:

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