Brother AACOOLDRE : ST James use of Psalm 32 to attack Paul


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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

I’ve already proven that the three: James, 2 Peter and Jude all write in the same harmony of musical notes/letters using Proverbs 26: 1-3 to lampoon Paul into three aspects of a person who undeserved curses the law into a whip for a Horse, a halter for Donkey and iron rod for a Fool. I enjoyed reading Jude who also applied rain/harvest aspect with Proverbs 26 and quotes from Plato and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Image of the Donkey

Better more this triad of attack uses Psalm 32:9 to sound off:

“Do not be like the horse or the mule,

Which have no understanding

But must be controlled by bit and bridle”

We have precise DNA here between these righteous three against the unrighteous Paul.

This is the precise language applied to Paul as an untamed Tongue by rein’s bits and bridles who is no longer whole (complete) with the Law he curses without Faith & works/deeds (James 1 and 2). James goes on to say:

“Who is wise and understands among you, let him show it by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom” (James 3:13). Paul takes deeds out of the equation out of justification and thereby becomes the opposite of understanding which is misunderstand. A curious term Peter uses to say followers Balaam were because they misunderstood Paul but quotes from Proverbs 26:21 to allude to a person who knew but now doesn’t.

Paul is aware that James is using Psalm 32 & Proverbs 26 to attack him when in 1 Corinthians 11: 1-30 when he referrers to James’etal as super Apostles and servants of righteousness. He admits that he boast a little referring to James 3:5. Paul then refers to James 3:13 by saying I boast as a fool for Christ in being beaten 3 times with rods 2 Cor 11:25 Paul repeats this in 1 Cor 4:10-21. Paul states in 2 Cor 11 that he’s weak in the stoic behavior of taking pushes and slaps to the face like James’s but he’s able to maintain in not becoming a hot head in response and burning inwardly. But will keep on boasting about his weakness. This proves that Paul knew James was using proverbs 26 to attack him because James letter says he’s a fool that misunderstand/unwise but links it with a rod by inference and alludes to it in Proverbs 26.

St Paul reminds me of Proverbs 26:1-3

“An undeserved curse does not come to rest:(see James Curse & Blessing of the Horses tongue)

A whip for the Horse

A Halter (restraint) for the Donkey (same as James rein/bridle on Tongue on untamed Horse)

A rod for the backs of fools”. (Paul admits he was a Fool for Christ beaten for curse/blessing1 Cor 4:10-13, bringing with the rod/whip in verse 21 which he ties himself into Proverbs 26). But in 2 Cor 11:16-25 he incorporates fool/rod 3 times I guess for the Horse, Donkey and then the Fool.

The same Chorus is sung by Jude 1:8-13 and 2 Peter 2:12 & chapter 3:15-16. Rev 2: 13-28 uses the same language as Jude and applies it to the days of Herod Antipas (an Arab) from which Paul states he was a relative of in Romans 16:11. Rev chapter 2 forecast his iron scepter to these teachers of Balaam (Paul) which also piggy backs on Proverbs 26 of a iron rod/whip for the fool

Editors and redactors inserted Paul letters into Proverbs 26 to a admit that he was beaten for being a fool for Christ (1 Cor 4:10-21) but reverses it by having the rod now in his hand. But it doesn’t remain there for too long when the White Horse (Domitian) of justice (balance Scales) kills him. Little is known that these two engaged in transvestism and sodomy of mud wrestling in his divine bed of the bald-headed, madman Emperor. He had Paul bent and he would eat his words of submitting to his invert master (Domitian) into everything and count it all up as all joy. Domitian loved pederastic activities with his young boy servants went also to the old in Paul’s case too.

The Triumvirate upbraiding and repudiation by James, Jude & 2 Peter on Paul by use of playful coquetry and parody of Paul as a Horse/mule has been unseen until now is waking up the masses of their catatonic negativism and temporary catnap state of being. These heroic three with the support of others basically saw Paul as a trickster of the like of Hermes who blinded peoples eyes with his unbalanced scales he has on his own eyes he puts on others. For this gang of three Paul was the pied piper who used his crafty/trickery words like sweet music and poetry to woo the simpletons into Plato’s cave of blindness, a Hollywood cinema of Shadows of an artificial universe. And all those taking a ride with this Donkey/Mule are headed towards a pit. Pull the tapestry down and see Paul for what he is or ride with him and his horse with broken wings into the abyss.

Notes: the Pauline letters give the appearance that Paul was able to alter dramatically the attitudes and orientation of Peter. I think not because of the similarities with James and Jude together with their allusions of Psalm 32 & Proverbs 26 against Paul makes plentiful suspicion that they altered the writings of Peter to make it appear that way. The Pseudo-Clementines letters seem to back this up.

The book of Revelations agree with James, 2 Peter and Jude in their attack against the donkey but they allude to Genesis 49: 9-12 in a three part series of Revelations to accomplish the Typology.

“Judah, your brothers will praise you;
your hand will be on the neck of your enemies; (Paul was beheaded)
your father’s sons will bow down to you.
9 You are a lion’s cub, Judah;
you return from the prey, my son.
Like a lion he crouches and lies down,
like a lioness—who dares to rouse him?
10 The scepter will not depart from Judah, (Revelation 2:14-28 applied to Balaam/Paul)
nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet
until he to whom it belongs shall come
and the obedience of the nations shall be his.
11 He will tether his donkey to a vine,
(Rev 14: 14:20 blood goes up to horses bridle/neck)
his colt to the choicest branch;
he will wash his garments in wine, (Revelation 19:11-20 robe dipped in blood
his robes in the blood of grapes. ( Rev 14 grapes of wrath on vine=Horse/men Rev 19:18)
12 His eyes will be darker than wine, (Rev 19 Eyes blazing fire)
his teeth whiter than milk

Like in Plato’s work the Black Horse was bad for his appetite for sin Paul wanted to repeal Jewish dietary laws and eat food scarified to animals. There is a black Horse holding scales in his hand in Rev 6:5 from which I think represents Paul’s unbalanced scales that dropped from his eyes in Acts 9:18. The white horse in Rev 19: 11-20 represents a judge and Justice that wasn’t applied to the Black one. In genesis 49:11 the Donkey is attached to the Vine that goes through a winepress in Rev 14.
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Jul 26, 2001
Within the next few days I will come up with some more hardcore evidence Linking up and decoding Revelations symbolism of Paul as a Black Horse/Donkey being killed by. The bible is like a puzzle, solve one puzzle it then helps you unlock another.

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