South Africa : South African White Supremacist Hacked To Death


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Nov 14, 2007
Malema: Without owning land, voting means nothing

Colesburg - Without owning land, voting in South Africa means nothing, ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema told a youth rally in the Northern Cape on Saturday.

Malema told the crowds that South Africans did not own their own country.

"This land belongs to foreigners," he said. He said people needed land to feed themselves and to do business as citizens.

The so-called willing buyer, willing seller system was not helping the government in the land redistribution program.

"You need land to do everything. Without land voting means nothing," he said.

Malema said South Africans can vote until they are purple.

He said as long as they did not have the economy of South Africa their votes were useless.

"You vote and you still go beg," he said.

Malema said people have voted every five years in the past and still workers get beaten and killed by farmers, because they do not own those farms.

Malema said Investors did not care about people and that they were interested in making profit.

He also said if investors were to leave, the Chinese would come in.

"The Chinese will work with anybody," he said.


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Oct 19, 2009
Removing LIES And Spreading The Truth
Any updates on the two warriors that were being charged.


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Nov 14, 2007
ANCYL wants 'radical' land reform

Johannesburg - The ANC Youth League supported President Jacob Zuma's call for a review of the "willing buyer willing seller" land redistribution strategy, a spokesperson said on Friday.

"The African National Congress Youth League is totally behind President Jacob Zuma’s call for a decisive land redistribution strategy, particularly the long overdue review of the willing buyer-willing seller principle," said a statement from Floyd Shivambu who had just returned from a league field trip to Venezuela on oil nationalisation.

The ANCYL also agreed with Black Management Forum (BMF) president Jimmy Manyi's contention that the constitutional imperative of providing a fair price for land needed to be revised because under the current system "exorbitant" market-related prices were being paid.

Zuma broached the topic at a BMF conference on "unintended consequences" of the Constitution.

No land invasions - Zuma

But, Zuma hastened to add there would be no land invasions, an apparent reference to Zimbabwe's land redistribution programme widely regarded as the main contributor to that country's economic crisis.

"There will be no similar kinds of land invasions in this country, because we do things within the law," he said.


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Nov 14, 2007

Close Afrikaans schools - Cosas

Johannesburg - The Congress of SA Students (Cosas) on Friday called for the closure of Afrikaans medium schools.

"Cosas condemns any racial tendencies that seeks to close doors of learning for the black African students, who are indigenous people of this country and Africa at large by having foreign, unoriginal Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in some racist schools, more especially in the West Rand region under racist Afrikaners management," a statement from Gauteng provincial secretary Oagile Louw said.

"We therefore call... for the immediate closure of such schools."

The call was reminiscent of events that led up to the June 16 1976 clashes between pupils and police in Soweto. These, and the subsequent shootings of a number of schoolchildren, came during a march in protest against Afrikaans being used as a language of instruction at schools.

Quality education

Cosas also threatened to drive "disruptive" SA Democratic Teachers' Union (Sadtu) members off school premises saying they are not committed to offering quality education.

Cosas urged Sadtu leadership to "stop forming part of the furniture in their fancy offices" and to call their members to order.

Cosas sent good wishes to students preparing for the mid-year exams, saying they must stay away from fast food to maintain a healthy state of mind, use study groups and - even during the Soccer World Cup - must gather together in the spirit of the Cosas motto: "Each one Teach one."

Cosas also sent a message of support to ANC Youth League president Julius Malema, during his "difficult and trying times".

Malema's diary on Monday included a reported disciplinary hearing and an Equality Court complaint related to some of his public comments.

This is a [email protected] shame,it's 2010,and they are still teaching blacks,this garbage language???????????????


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Nov 14, 2007
Malema sings 'kiss the boer':SuN049:

Johannesburg - ANC Youth League president Julius Malema remixed his controversial "shoot the boer" song at a league conference in KwaZulu-Natal on Saturday.

"Kiss the boer, kiss the boer," sang Malema.

He went on to sing "Dubula igwala" (shoot the coward).

Delegates sang along excitedly as Malema danced around the stage at the university's Howard College, repeating the riff "kiss the boer".

Malema set off a bout of hysteria in some quarters with his singing of the lyrics "shoot the boer" at the University of Johannesburg earlier this year, and at subsequent public appearances.

He was recently sent to political school by the party's mother body.

Malema also urged leaguers at the conference not to sing songs that were divisive.

A hate speech complaint regarding the "shoot the boer" lyrics, which the ANC believes is part of their struggle history, was referred to the High Court in Johannesburg on Thursday and is expected to be heard later this year.



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Nov 14, 2007
Q&A with Julius Malema

At 29 years old, Julius Malema, President of the Youth League of the African National Congress (ANC), has caused enough controversy for several lifetimes. On April 8, minutes after ejecting a BBC journalist from a press conference at ANC headquarters in downtown Johannesburg, Malema spoke with TIME's Africa bureau chief Alex Perry.

Read more:,9171,1988859,00.html#ixzz0odhhMlMj

So what's the reality of where South Africa is right now?

We are getting there. There has been an emergence of black people who are playing a role in the economy, although it is a very minor role. That's an inspiration to everybody. We need to start developing [more] areas, empowering people, giving them houses, building roads, schools, clinics, taking care of the elderly and the children of the poor. And I think we have been doing very well. We have not sold out.

I imagine you mean sold out to "imperialists," whom you see as opposing your cause? Can you explain what you mean by that?
We are fighting countries who want to monopolize our economy, countries who want to control our countries from their countries, who want to control our mineral resources, and exploit the people of our countries for the benefit of their countries.


Feb 28, 2009

Eugene Terreblanche, the South African white supremacist leader, has been killed on his farm in the northwest of the country.

Reports say the 69-year-old leader of the Afrkaner Resistance Movement was beaten and hacked to death in a dispute over unpaid wages.

Police have arrested two people in connection with his murder and South African President Jacob Zuma has appealed for calm.

Terreblanche, whose name translates as ‘white earth’ in French, campaigned during the 1980s to create a separate whites-only state inside South Africa.

But his political influence waned after the abolition of apartheid in 1991.

His party then resorted to terrorist tactics in an unsuccessful attempt to disrupt South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994.

Terreblanche gay past revealed

SLAIN white supremacist leader Eugene Terreblanche always had homosexual “tendencies”, it has been revealed after South African police confirmed his April 3 murder may be investigated as a homosexual sex crime.

Details of a 1980s sex scandal involving Terreblanche and a male Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) supporter have resurfaced just as lawyers for his two alleged killers said they would mount a defence that he was killed while trying to molest one of them.

Officers said earlier that a pay dispute with his two employees, both black, led to the killing of Terreblanche, who has been on the political margins since his efforts to preserve apartheid in the early 1990s.

"We're not going to focus on one thing," said investigator Musa Zondi. "We will investigate all pertinent facts that have a bearing on the matter."

Terreblanche was hacked and battered to death on April 3 and found with his trousers pulled down. Police have denied a condom was also found at the scene.

"My instructions from my client are that there was some sodomy going on and it sparked the murder of Mr Terreblanche," Puna Moroko, an attorney for 28-year-old Chris Mahlangu, told the Sunday Times newspaper. The other accused is 15.

Max du Preez who founded the Vrye Weekblad newspaper in the 1980s said claims of Terreblanche’s secret homosexual liaisons had not come as a surprise to him.

"It's not a complete secret that Eugene had some of these tendencies," said Max du Preez,

In the 1980s, his weekly newspaper published the story of an AWB bodyguard who claimed to have woken up after a night of heavy partying to find Terreblanche on top of him, trying to molest him.

The bodyguard laid a complaint within the AWB and was promptly kicked out of the organisation.

The bodyguard went to the Vrye Weekblad -- the only newspaper that would run the story.

"No other newspaper touched it because they reckoned it was defamatory. But we thought it was true," Du Preez told The Star on Sunday.

After the story was published, there was no reaction from Terreblanche or the AWB.

"Eugene didn't say a word," said Du Preez. gay past revealed/news.aspx

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