South Africa : South African Pastor has congregation eat grass.


Apr 7, 2013
While I have NO idea of the why behind the grass-eating :huh: watching the video reminded me of the Irish during the potato famine. One British traveler (the CAUSE of the mass starvation) upon traveling the Irish countryside, remarked at all the people on the road and byways whose faces around the "mouth" were green. He was informed that grass was all the people had to eat.

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Nov 17, 2006
Is the issue them eating the grass, or them obeying an "unseen force"?

Just curious
Interesting exercise

But on the other hand, I often theorized how "Jesus" fed the "thousands" with merely 2 fish and 5 loaves.

Now I'm curious to read how you would theorize this, if you will:

Pastor collapses, dies, after admitting adultery
WPVI – Philadelphia0:30 mins

Bishop Bobby Davis suffered a fatal heart attack while confessing an extramarital affair to his church congregation.

suggested reading and video viewing:
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