Black Poetry : Soul On Ice - An Epic Poem of Black Youth


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Dec 24, 2003
Albany Ga
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I look outside
and see that strange fruit
and hear voices
Voices from waaaaaay back when
where ashen faces and Djibouti dances were a way of life

But now, the shackles have arrived...
So cold...and so forebearing

The fruit is swaying
The storm is gathering

And the fire is frozen into indefinate animation
And I hear the lyrics of hip hop prophets
from "In the Event of my Demise" to "Sky's the Limit"

In the Event of my my heart can beat no more
I hope I lived for a principle or a belief I have lived for
And as I hear the Amaru language and as I hear the Small's reply

"Sky's the Limit..just keep on pressin on, sky is the limit don't you know that you can have what you what you want"

Tears come to my eyes
And mingle with the rain
Of reality

And the thunder booms
and the lightning strikes like Fireworks on the 4th of July

Bright and slowly dimming away
Like the hopes ad dreams of so many
Like the Sisyphus complex

Bright at the top, and dimming to the bottom
Once that hope disappeared into the concrete

The rock being everyday life...there it goes and there it went
The only light being that lightning
The wind howling

The wind howling with voices from the past
"Why have we died? What was the point"
"Freedom!!! Was it all in vain"
And the voices get louder and brighter and mix together and become one
"Why accept things how they are when they are not where they ought to be?"
And the crying....
And the crying....

Doesn't quiet

It's dark....
It's dark....
and that strange fruit is swaying in the tree...
Left to right....
With a stump at the top...
And it's juices freely flowing from decaying spots of flesh.....

It's dark...and the storm is still raging and all is quiet....
In my eyes....
I pick the fruit from the's cold and I shiver
I turn the fruit over...and the face looking back...

Was Me...

Lightning strikes again...and the orchard is revealed
Strange Fruit swinging

Strangled by insecurities
The winds blowing strong
wiping the tears from my eyes

The Orchard begins to moan....
And I..and my orchard...
Begin the event of demise

The Storm howls again and here am I...
My head bloodied trying to be unbowed

Shadows in the dark
Fighting...trying to see the dawn of light...
Trying and fighting
With a noose thrown around my neck
It scratches scratches my flesh

the noose tightens
I close my eyes....
I struggle...I struggle...
and put my soul on ice


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Jan 28, 2001
the near north
as darkness falls...

upon a weary soul
the cold of night
the fright
sending wind blown
along guilt ridden
of old
and the chorus sang of
strange fruit
that swung in the night
each night
every night
the cold winds blows
and howls

strange fruit.



Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
a tale of the sweet release
very well done poet !

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