Black Poetry : Sorted out rhymes and aborted minds some to be kept others

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May 11, 2006
my bling is jiggy but it sting my dignity to have to rap like this //
the crap piss me off there's a brisk cost for not being able to twist //
knowledge enough to kiss a college girl, I'm in a collision with the decision //
rather to continue to rap or let this menu go to crap into crap this division //
between HIPHOP AND HIP POP //,
Sorted out rhymes and aborted minds some to be kept others //
Need help and some to be thrown away, was shown today mothers //
Of haters need teachers for help that features step on how to escape //
Hate, seen fountains that leak have seen mountain peaks height great //
And classified by their shape, desire vocab stats in a drier habitat //
Far as info go is got galore to scatter more data needed grab your hat //
All kinds of music it time to use it HIP HOP at the tiptop in VIRGINIA //
BEACH in this blind society the rhyme variety make it enjoyable KENYA //
Is a stand out, now I'm writing BLACK HIP HOP in a pair of whack flip- //
Flops here in VIRGINIA BEACH begin to itch in which these slipper are hip //
And designated in style I've hesitated awhile now eating a chocolate Hershey //
There’s rocket diversity in this can’t jest take off and go to NEW JERSEY //
junk can bury a nation if variation exists in home prices when it comes //
To REALESTATE no deal is fake but I feel great see a girl got my thumbs //
up, she's fine and on my mind right here at Subway and may get a hug today //
but came to damage to a true sandwich veggies on the menu put into //
she probably need help with the butter flow mind dealt another blow "SO HEY BOO //
you got a boyfriend "MAYBE founded out a note is a short letter with all sorts //
of clever words that you never heard before birds galore fly overhead short //
of wing span and my thing need a fan to cool off boys try get some have to duck //
junk or get stuck with a hunk of love I can't break down and my cake is brown luck //
here at Subway hear strong talk go for a long walk at home stalked by my imagination //
fragmentation of thoughts,take cover or give cake to a lover got a bag of situations //
number one a hummer is fun and the dumber become stupid, you wanna smash my cherries //
take them fast to secretaries for a type job lot of hype involved like ride on ferries //
but wait my panties are hot here in VIRGINIA BEACH got a wet thing a boy wanna get to //
bang,they rap slang and expect me to hang out, can take that to the lab got a wet crew //
of words heard my ears, so I'm in a mini-skirt with plenty flirt don't know what to do //
confetti flies got brown sweaty thighs even BETTY CROCKER cries when she see cake //
this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH I'm a brown Soul Sista at the SUBWAY they make //
me a sandwich, this boy really want some and my breasts in view and my dress is new he //
really impressed how we do, any way got plenty to say as my skirt is down so let me //
flirt around, to pitch mean to throw I'm brown queen itch to flow, thing is wet gee //
a boy fast to smash i can splash a dash in a car sip wine talk trash at a bar a fee //
is paid, remember I was a winner with body at a dinner party mini-skirt in order //
look my plan is not contraband so no smuggle goods that puzzle the hood it slaughters //
dumb stuff doe, starting to fear this becoming peerless mean without equal and no //
doubt legal from the knowledge point of view I anoint crew strut butt and try flow //
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