Black Poetry : Somewhere Out There


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Feb 28, 2009

Standing at waters edge
Contemplating my existence
Awed by the miniscule dot I am
And pondering what impact
My living could have on
This grand panorama.

Is there truly a line
Of demarcation
Between me and
"Somewhere Out There"
Or is it merely my tainted perception
And perspective
Blurred and obscured
That makes me believe so?

Like the untraveled and feared beliefs
Of the unknown centuries ago
If I attempt to reach the end
Will I fall off earth's surface
And cease to be no more
Falling into a nameless void
Neither living nor dead
Neither bodily formed nor spirited soul
Neither solid nor liquid, unformed?

Does this divide
Even exist
Or does my own fear
Place it there?

What, truly, be the coordinates
And dimensions
By breadth and depth
And scope and slope
Of my life's geometric plane?

Where does my horizon lie
And what keeps me from it?​


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Jan 24, 2004
Brick City
day care provider (own business)

Only you, have the power to keep you from doing ....YOU.
this was well expressed and laid out poet.


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Feb 28, 2009
Thank you, Sister Tswana! Yeah, this is just another of my old pieces. I guess I was feeling kinda philosophic at the time. lol

But, no worries. I know from whence cometh my help.
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