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What is astrology?

Astrology is the science of the relationships that bind the manifold parts of the Universe into one organic whole. It is also the art of interpreting the effects of these relationships upon the behavior of individuals and groups – or any entity whose origins can be traced to a point in time and space...

Astrology is a system that endeavors to classify and correlate the activities of all things according to the purpose they serve within a general scheme. The astrologer is more concerned with dynamic energies than with phenomenal appearances. To him an object is what it does; its meaning is determined by its operations...

Astrology is the study of cycles of growth whereby all sentient beings are born, develop, die, and are reborn. It analyzes patterns of unfoldment, thereby referring to living processes rather than to static structures...

Astrology is a discipline of thought based on a philosophy of synthesis. It elucidates the manner in which a multitude of separate, self-determining existences combine to manifest the essential unity of all being. Astrological principles can be applied to everything on Earth, because even the smallest atom reflects the grand design of creation, as each individual unit follows its own evolutionary pathway toward perfection.

What is a horoscope?

A horoscope, or natal chart, is a map of the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets with reference to a specific location on Earth, at a specific moment of time. These celestial bodies are charted against the background of the ecliptic, or zodiac, so that one might describe the Moon as being in Aries, Mars in Capricorn, and so forth. Also important are the four cardinal points (i.e., angles) of the ecliptic, as defined by the degrees ascending over the horizon, culminating at the meridian – and their opposites – since these form the basis for the division of the horoscope into a subzodiac of 12 houses...

Basically, the horoscope shows the way in which an entity coming to birth at a particular intersection of time and space is oriented to the Universe. It is a picture of the solar system from the viewpoint of the individual, and, as such, it depicts his unique outlook on life. One could say that the angular relationships between the Earth and other celestial bodies represent his personal slant on things.

What can a horoscope tell a person about himself?

A horoscope can serve as a road-guide indicating the kind of journey an individual will take through life. It does not show the actual terrain as much as it indicates areas of tension, crisis, and decision. Intersections, alternate routes, scenic highways and treacherous byways are all symbolically depicted. The horoscope suggests lessons to be learned, issues to be faced, challenges to be met, and problems to be solved. It is, however, only a map, and whether a person chooses to travel in good spirits – enjoying the adventure or to mope along miserably - is essentially his/her own choice.

In what manner do planets influence human life?

The planets can be compared to the hands of an enormous clock in the Heavens - the clock being the zodiac. Human beings are biologically and psychologically constructed to function like small clocks on Earth. One cannot say, however, that the hands of the big clock reach down and push the hands of the little ones around. Rather, all are synchronized to register the same time. Humans and the solar system correspond to one another, not because of the domination exerted by the large upon the small, but by virtue of an innate affinity which makes them both part of the same creative plan.

Conceivably, cosmic energies actually flow through the signs and planets, as though the solar system were one vast dynamo of interrelated streams of energy. However, while the theory of electromagnetic fields may account for some aspects of astrology, it does not go far enough in explaining the modus operandi of the system as currently practiced. Radiatory impulses passing through space cannot justify the theory of symbolic progressions, the meanings ascribed to planets and houses, or the way the horoscope stamps an entire life with specific characteristics. One might as easily comprehend the phenomenon of human intelligence through a study of brain waves. Astrologers, like physicists, observe the effects of various influences without fully understanding the nature of the energies involved. They theorize “how” these energies operate, but the “why” remains mysterious.

Unfortunately, it is traditional to use the word “influence” to describe the correlation between planetary and mundane affairs. The term has become a semantic necessity because of the lack of words to describe the subtle relationship between microcosm and macrocosm. Few astrologers really presume that the planets somehow push people about. Instead, they believe that there is a pattern in life that most observers are too shortsighted to discern. Like ants scurrying about on a richly emblazoned oriental carpet, human beings are assailed by a jumble of changing sensations. However, by looking at the Heavens where the same basic pattern is spread out in its entirety, man can better understand how his small segment of experience fits into the larger design.

Does interpreting a horoscope require psychic ability?

Although astrological insight does not depend on psychic powers, some astrologers are clairvoyantly gifted. Using the horoscope as a psychometric tool, they may be spectacularly successful in describing the specific details of a person’s life. However, if their gifts desert them they go sadly astray. In most cases, it is preferable to interpret a horoscope in the light of objective indications. The astrologer who adheres to basic principles may not astonish his client with his omniscience, but neither can he go far wrong.

Most astrologers eventually develop an intuitive approach comparable to that used by doctors in diagnosing patients. They learn to synthesize many disparate observations, some of which apparently contradict others. Certain planetary aspects seem to retreat into the background while others stand out. A continued study of astrology refines his insight into human nature. A person cannot deal year after year with the intimate problems of men and women without becoming a discerning psychologist. A systematically cultivated intuitive approach does not bypass the facts of the horoscope, but evolves out of the ability to synthesize a multitude of details. Astral logic then becomes ordinary logic raised to a higher level.

How does astrology compare with astronomy?

The relationship of astrology to astronomy is analogous to the relationship of psychology to physiology. Astrology concerns the mind and soul as well as the phenomenal appearance of the celestial spheres. Many astrologers believe that the celestial bodies are just that – the physical vehicles of exalted beings, much as the human body is the outer garment of a higher consciousness. A person can say of a friend: “He is 65% oxygen, 18% carbon, and 10%. hydrogen, with smaller quantities of calcium and phosphorous”...he can also specify his friend’s weight, height, heartbeat and blood pressure, and describe the manner in which his vital organs generally function. In all, he would have an indisputably factual analysis, but it would reveal nothing of any real significance about his friend. As the great mystic Zolar said:

“Astrology and astronomy go hand in glove. Astronomy is the external, lifeless glove; astrology is the living hand within.”

How useful is the astrological advice in magazines and newspaper columns?

These daily and monthly guides serve mainly as games, entertainment, or conversation pieces. They are not horoscopes since they give only general advice and do not pertain to individuals. Character readings, based upon the sign position of the Sun as shown by the month of birth, sometimes contain enough truth to be mildly enlightening. However, the sign position of the Sun as shown by the month of birth is only one of many significant influences. Analyzing a person’s character by “Sun-sign” astrology, without allowing for the positions of the planets and the exact time and place of birth, is an exercise in futility...


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The exact point in time and space that Hypnotize
came into the world:

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What is my rising sign ?

What planet was in my house of wealth ?

(one of the biggest problems my family and I continue to face
is this cyclical pattern of have-not ism, work but no real money,
and no real improvement in quality of life, although
wealth and righteousness are my life long aspirations )

My stage name is Mercury Rising, any significance ?

My groupmate/cousin and I are the same age -
our group is called the Undergodz. we write and produce
for ourselves and others - He's an Aries, is that good or bad ?

My dad is a pisces 3-19-52, mom is a libra 10-20-59.
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