Black People : So Much Confusion In The Black World!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

Well-Known Member
Oct 4, 2019
On Tuesday, October 1, 2019, 05:35:06 AM EDT, Osiris Akkebala <> wrote:

So Much Confusion In The Black World

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

The Black world is not Black anymore, everybody sick in the sea of lies and deception motivated and guided by irrational emotion claiming it to be their reality not knowing it's the deceitfulness of individuality been planted in a mind residing in the body Blackness that does not belong there preventing you to see what you need to know is Divinely True And Real to the living of Life..

All things are, because Divine Dark Energy is, but all that is, does not comprise of all that causes you to become, although we all are of a common life of living, It Is The Divine Essence Of All Things, Dark Energy Intelligence that is of eternal existence.

The Black World is no more united and the failure of such being unified is the cause of our loss of the knowledge that has you to become the precepts and examples of living Divinely ingrained in the Divinity of our physical body, the Dark Energy Intelligence comprised to be the Mind of that Black Body world, the world that is united no more, now keeping the unity of our energy flow individually poor, a status far from the world once the unit of one homogenous unified Black Divine Nation being with the wealth of unified Divine intelligence.

All living things are one glamorous living Being of Divine Energy flow, used to the advantage of our self-awareness, Divine knowledge that maintains the unity of the Divine Energy flow at a frequency and regulation that energize the power of the Divine Mind, Intelligence.

All living things are one because the Divine Essence is not two, one is the majesty of universal existence, being because of the unending presence of the circumference of the Divine Essence, Dark Energy Intelligence, Divine Truth and Reality of energetic intellectual unending presence, God The Divine Essence Of the first to the ninth dimension to the physical involved development to living ways and performance..

It's the Divine Mind that establishes your worth in and to the world, the Black World pertaining to the Black Unification of Soul, Body, Spirit to the Black world, where there is no such unity in the act of Black Afrikans living, you should expect no other world to show respect to the Black world, a world gone blind and show ignorance in how to choose qualified Black Afrikan Leaders and yet such ignorance inability has Black Afrikans seeking respect from a world with a history of experience of oppressing and raping Black Afrikans and Afrika at will, given consent by failed unqualified Black Afrikan Leadership, which has Black Afrikans to be as we now are and deserve to be, showing no respect for self nor for Momma Afrika!!!

The today Black Afrikans are a confused want to be white Black Afrikan, such is not in the nature of your DNA but you continue to attempt to have it to be so if no more than adopting the spirit of that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Hunan Being.

There is nothing more important to Black Afrikans than to become by emulating expression of dishonesty, self-deception, which is the spirit of that white racist unjust prejudice Human Being and there is no more of a clearer expression of confusion coming from Black Afrikans who choose to be with and of the spirit of that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being, exalting the presence of such confusion in a desirous way of believing in Lucifer God Religion.

So much confusion Black folks are, directed by that white racist mind, now in control of Black Afrikans who now live a spirit putting on display an expression of self-deception and dishonesty overly drenched in the habit of just talking with a mind that will have Black Afrikans with a mind that will have you with no respect for our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors who has made it possible for Black Afrikans to be in demand of payment of the Reparation/Repatriation now owed by America to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, as we live to have no intention to act in a way it will serve to the Greater Good of Black Afrikan people.

Who in the hell can be with deserving empathy for a people with no self-respect, hiding behind the docility of confusion, not self-motivated and with a mind that does not Think, just believe whatsoever those white liberal racist democrats dictates to you to believe as you master the talking points been given to Black Afrikans to recite to the confused Black world.

Black Afrikan Americans have been well conditioned to believe you are free in the greatest country in and of that white racist unjust prejudice oligarchy world, so hell no, Black Americans are not within the range of our Divine Mind that will have us in demand for Freedom, Justice, Independence for our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, which Reparation/Repatriation represent, to do so, such will mean not to be ignorantly confused no more.

Divine Respect

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Our Beloved @Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba ... Welcome Home !!!! ... :bowdown:

I have thought of you often and am honored to see your return.

Thank you for not forgetting about us ... :love:

Much Much Love and Peace!



Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Never Forgotten You All, To You I Still Bow, Beloved.

Thanks For The Welcome

Divine Respect

That is so sweet, wonderful, and humbling @Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba ... :blush: ... :yaay:

It makes me think of so many years ago, you probably do not remember - but I was challenged and you shared your wisdom with me on how to handle it - and all these many years later I am (now) reminded of it and your words were so comforting (a guiding light) with time proving them absolutely true. My heart is warmed at your presence. Such an honor. Thanks again ... :love:

Your Forum is still here Chief Elder ... Chief Elder Osiris ... with all of your threads there of course.

Things have changed some over the years, so if you have trouble finding anything or making something work, let me know.

I am here to help.

Much Much Love and Peace.



Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

Well-Known Member
Oct 4, 2019
You are so kind my Goddess of the Sun, Earth, And Moon, You Black Woman who is the strength of the Black World, showcasing the Nature of Nature Design.

I share with Once Divine Black Cosmic Universal Beings what I know to be Divinely True and Real regarding what we, Black Afrikan people, must do to return to our Divine Mind and may that Divine Essence, God Of All Living things in the physical and appear not to be physical, continue to have you ever to be as Nature has designed you to be, beloved, and yes, I do bow to you with all humility, beloved.

Again, I am always available to you and all Black Afrikan people to share what I know to be Divinely True regarding the Divine Essence, God, Life, Time, Dark Energy Intelligence Continuum, and the Self Of Black Afrikan People.

Divine Respect

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