Black Entertainment : Snoop's divorce


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
yes it's true he did get a divorce from his long time love
not sure if it cause she cheated .


Well-Known Member
Nov 12, 2003
oh no

I ain't a big fan of divorce but even if she did cheat I can't blame her. It ain't like he's husband of the year. While she at home gettin' played and takin' care of the kids, he out in the gutter bein' a pimp. Something ain't addin' up. I woulda been left.


Well-Known Member
Mar 26, 2004
high school student
Boricua you wild,he was doin his thing on the side though I dont blame her they say she cheated wit his bodyguard but i dunno


Well-Known Member
May 27, 2003
Memphis10/ VA
NOOO! sum it up, they got a divorce because Snoop is an ignorant and lost black boy...the guy has shot pornos in his own house and backyard for crying out loud...I couldn't even really understand why that woman was putting up with his stupidity anyway :rolleyes: :madd: ....Snoop had no respect for their marriage (or children) whatsoever.

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