Black Poetry : Smelt new perfume and flew from the room to rap to some chicks // Possibly trap them quick i’m very


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May 11, 2006
Smelt new perfume and flew from the room to rap to some chicks //
Possibly trap them quick I'm very shook and will carry their books //
If they desire never play with fire but date may require knowledge //
Like a door i fly open and try coping with my emotions skip garbage //
Rhyme for lace in time and space I wouldn't mind a taste of your love //
Like a table I'm able to take up much space and touch lace and hug//
Saw a girl with butt galore boo shut the door lets do this gave her //
true kiss and we off to the races with soft laces surprise this occur //
I’m ready to faint after hearing petty complaints they sweaty but //
Paint a picture now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH up //
With kissing a lot in her life getting hot advice from her friends just //
Maybe a dumb trend Gone With the Wind like CLARK GABLE must //
Must have smart cable “So Frankly my Dear I Don’t Give ****” trust //
Me, “SO LOOK boo you staying fine and that’s weighing on my mind //
Stop playing online lets make this a date for cake can never be asinine //
Wanna sniff perfume out of desperation need a hotel room reservation //
Go well boom can stir a nation by listening and kissing show domination //
Yo you a black Soul Sista a round basketball butt can’t shut up and dribble //
Wanna fiddle a little, it’s clear folks surviving but fear driving and nibble //
On a bag of chips while deer striving across the road, so much i sing //
There’s no such thing as a bad song but hate is a tad bit long cats cling //
On, so in the park thugs hot like spark plugs start in clubs wearing bling //
Boo your Cake mad hood have to take the bad with the good, we should //
Take a ride in the drop top you got black sweaty thighs and this could //
Perk up my hormones at home, I’m into friction and like a benediction //
This meeting is closed keep defeating foes on rhyme knowledge restriction //
Exist in my car heat slaughter my oil like water it boils “NAW PLAYER my //
skirt is down as I flirt around got butters and breasts other boys will try //
Confess that I'm bless and phat no kiss and this task before me need //
Class galore to see your goal i think you wanna hold me in arms feed //
Me love talk, this is the last stop may collapse from the shock your task //
Is drop my panties so with luck I duck so my dress don’t fly up try pass //
The T.H.O.T. exam, wearing TIMS got my feet caught on deep thoughts //
Now ready to tiptoe while the scripts flow plus my lips glow that brought //
Attention now he wanna kiss right here in VIRGINIA BEACH wow a BLACK //
SOUL SISTA go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH this is hot, pure and exact //
But not sure about the fact these theories can be proved doe like SHACK //
You wanna slam-dunk a flim flam rump through this, have to step back //
The floor stays while go through doorways can’t ignore days like this ‘’ //
“BOO I juggle my way and struggle everyday with this love thing kiss //
A girl right then and there I been aware of my emotions a real twist //
In the way you do things so screw the bling bring the realness here //
Boo you hips soft and it’s not a rip off to steal a kiss being sincere //
If you play cards gonna pay hard can’t handle the gamble I eat //
CAMPBELL'S so i scoop up soup with spoon my group will soon beat //
The odds, it be a spectacular crash if DRACULA smash your panties //
“NAW PLAYER if he try grow fangs I’ll go bang his coffin no candies //
For him show him a boss cross and he’s lost turn bat and fly away //
But you do try play with pie today and my panties are wet like a corvette //
A boy is fast, slipped on a rock while my lips hot and boy strip me wet //
On the spot oh gosh he wanted some i try pushy him away hair damp //
From the shower he tried to revamp the power of love he jest cramp //
My lips with kisses feel despair when you deal an affair gone wrong //
Boys wanna smash forever while thighs clash together in the band zone //
Like cymbals i remember a boy told me I was a black teddy bear //
With sweaty hair baby let me kiss your lips, I was hot I swear //
Panties got heavy and moist seem i hear every boy voice telling //
Me to take them off” “AW BOO like grass you wet with dew smelling //
Perfume as sweat drip from your body come to grips at a party //
Wanna make pie smashes while you wear eyelashes no smarty //
Got a proud thirst and it’s like a cloudburst it rain in my brain //
As a downpour mess around in the store my hips astound remain //
Round, street romance meet by chance our body heat enhance this //
Situation devastation bizarre in preparation for an affair we kiss //
Under a rainbow and our brain go hay wild try; stay mild but //
The hormones are batting high

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