The Police : Sly irritations of white racist policemen


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Dec 18, 2014
I remember when my daughter became a paper carrier to help finance her early years in college. I drove her each day. We live in an all black city and as long as she worked inside of our town she had no problem with the law enforcement since black cops out numbered the white ones.

As time progressed she was transferred to a predominately white area. The customers were nice but we were in a white territory which meant the white cops would show their behinds on occasion.
Our biggest trouble came is when our car broke down and had to be in a repair shop for several days. We had to rent a auto to continue the paper delivery.

A couple of the white cops had a regular post on the side of the streets, They saw us pass each morning in my old white Kia Rio and because of it' worn condition they "peacefully" allowed us pass. But when we rented a newer car model, they would chase us down and pull us to the side of the road. Being blacks citizens of racist society we knew why we were being hassled by these white cops.

I remember I would say "hello officer and what have we done wrong today?
The first thing they would ask are you delivering papers?
I answered "yes" (they knew **** well we were paper carriers)
The second question they would ask as they walked up and down sizing up the auto "is this a rental car?" when I answered "yes" I could see the relief falling around them.

I remember one night while driving a rental car the officer accused me of being evasive and I stared at him in dis-belief because in order to be "evasive" I would have had to be turning and twisting on side streets, which I wasn't doing I was driving in a straight line the same main street I took every morning on the way to deliver.

I knew the cops and I knew what they were up to that is why I stayed calm and didn't try to argue with them. Two summers ago a white policeman was shot and killed by a young black man in our city. Three months after his death, in September I was cornered off by a young white female county cop.
She lied and said I ran a stop sign. There was no stop sign at the intersection she was referring to.

She had me pulled over on a near rural road. She said to me "we" don't come into "your neighborhoods" breaking laws and I would appreciate if you didn't come into "ours." I am not a
fool I knew why I was sitting on this semi-dark road looking into the angry face of this white racist cop.
She was angry about the death of her fellow white officer, angry at me and all blacks because a
black man killed him.

I kept my cool and didn't talk back to her. I chose my words carefully because I knew she was looking for a confrontation. It would be my word against hers and she was a county cop and I had no device to record her voice on, she would win in the case of trouble.

These are the constant sly racist acts white policemen pull off.Acts if carried by unstable and extremely racist cops can lead to tragic endings for blacks.

They talk about reforming bad white cops. You can't force racist whites to like and accept blacks. What they need to teach them to control their race hate and keep it separated from their jobs. Just like a racist teacher or doctor or lawyer can conceal their feelings and make effort to help blacks whether they like them or not.
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